May 2010

What a joy it is once again to keep in touch with all of you through this bi-monthly newsletter update.  Although it takes effort and time, I look forward to writing these updates as it also gives me a chance to pause and to reflect.

When we read the papers and listen to news reports, it is very clear that the world is not in great shape.  Although Singaporeans are enjoying positive reports about the economy and welcoming the opening of the two IRs and the additional 1% CPF Contribution by employers, the rest of the world is not exactly jumping for joy.  Thailand continues to rock between the red and yellow shirters.  Greece just became ‘slave’ to the lender.  Americans are disillusioned with their President as British politicians find ways to secure more votes from an increasing influential Muslim base.

More recently, we also witnessed how the volcanic ash cloud from Iceland’s Eyjafjallajokull brought the aviation and travel industry to a standstill.  Elsewhere, earthquakes continue to be registered globally on a daily basis; that only the more major ones are reported.  In a desperate bid to save the earth, extremists are calling for us to stop having babies so that less energy is consumed and less carbon dioxide released!  In other words, they are saying that for us to preserve the earth for future generations, we are to stop having future generations!  How they contradict themselves!  And yet, many are sadly buying into this absurd and ridiculous world philosophy.

As I contemplate these events, I am reminded of the words of Jesus from Matt 24:8 … “All these are the beginning of sorrows.”  I am personally convinced our Lord Jesus is coming very soon.  In Matt 24:44, Jesus told His disciples, “Therefore, you also be ready, for the Son of Man is coming at an hour you do not expect.”  I believe we are all familiar with these two verses.  However, it is what takes place in between verses 8 and 24 that we must prepare for.  As we see events unfold, it only points to a time when we will be challenged as Christians, if we will stand for our faith or not.  It may be comfortable and even trendy to be a Christian in Singapore today, but that must not be taken for granted.  When persecution begins, it will be a global phenomenon, and no one will be spared.  These thoughts were further affirmed by what Tom Hess has written in his book, “The Watchmen”.  Truly, it is time to get serious.

What follows is equally thought-provoking as we consider Jesus’ Kingdom parables about “The Faithful and Evil Servant”, “The Wise and Foolish Virgins”, “The Talents” and “The Sheep and Goat Nations” (Matt 24:25 – 25:46).  Where the Kingdom of God is concerned, it is very interesting to note the diverse views and understandings.  If you have not participated in the polls on my blogsite, I hope you will be sporting enough to indicate your answer to the question, “Will All Christians Enter The Kingdom Of God?”.

At Covenant Vision, we have been led of the Lord to organise “The GLORY School”, 3-5 June, to be held at Cairnhill Methodist Church.  Pastor Rob Hotchkin of Patricia King’s Extreme Prophetic Ministries will be here to teach and impart.  I want to strongly encourage each of you to sign up for this seminar so that you can be prepared and positioned for what God wants to do through His people in the days ahead.  Don’t sit on this at all!  Register before 27 May so that you can receive “The GLORY School” Manual FREE (worth US$25).  I look forward to see many of you there.

I had a glimpse of God’s glory when He moved so powerfully and tangibly at Grace Methodist Church’s Healing Service on 24 March and Covenant Vision School of Ministry’s Encounter Weekend on 27 & 28 March.  Thank you so much for standing in agreement with us as we asked the Lord to “Send Your Rain”.  It was a tremendous time of teaching, learning, fellowship and ministry for all who attended.  There was such an outpouring of His Spirit, His Presence and His Glory!  Praise the Lord!!!

Over the pulpit at Covenant Vision Christian Church, I brought “The Disciple’s Prayer: Pray Like This” series to a close in April.  In preparing for this series, I was richly blessed myself when God showed me the perspective we should have when praying The Lord’s Prayer (I prefer to call it The Disciple’s Prayer).  When aligned with His Kingdom and His Purposes, this familiar prayer takes on a totally new and fresh dimension, with the power and anointing to go with it!  Awesome!  I’d recommend you listen to this 5-part series on our Media Centre for yourself.  Better yet, order a CD-set for your friends and family.  I am certain your prayer life will change.

Please pray for me as I continue with the book study on “Philippians: It’s All About Jesus!”  We’ve finished 6 parts and there are still 6 more to go.  I praise God for those who have been coming for this teaching.  For sure, it is much easier to listen to a “ra ra” message than to diligently plough through Scripture to get deep into the hidden truths.  As such, I press in with this study for the sake of those who are truly hungry and seeking.

On 24 April, I had a good time interacting and fellowshipping with brothers and sisters from Living Waters Methodist Church at the “Building a Household of Faith” Family Seminar.  Attendance was very encouraging although it would have been nice if more husbands/fathers came.  Still, I believe the seed of God’s Word was sown into their hearts and these will make a difference in their own households for the glory of God!

In my own family, we celebrated two more birthdays … David’s 12th and Esther’s 7th.  That’s five down and two more to go, not counting Serene’s and mine.  It is a joy to watch them blow out the candles.  At the same time, I also realise I am getting older and finding it tougher to keep up with all the birthday outings – phew!  After each celebration, I am praying for restoration so that I can recover in time for the next one – haha!

Back at home, the challenge continues for me to strike a good balance between ministry and family.  Please pray for me in this area so that Serene and the children are not neglected as I move about in ministry.  With the Church, the School and outside invitations, it is all too easy for me to forget their needs.  Pray for Serene too as she home-schools the children and manages the entire household.  David, our eldest, is preparing for PSLE and we are praying that his efforts will bring God honour and glory.  The children are really growing up fast as evidenced by the increased noise level at home and the higher grocery and food bills.  We are just so thankful for God’s faithfulness in the area of provision.  Indeed, the Lord is our Shepherd and we will never be in lack!

Thank you for sharing in our journey of faith, in all our up’s and down’s!  Hearing from each of you only reminds and encourages us that we do not walk alone.  To this end, we give thanks to the Lord for you.  As I sign off, I’d like to encourage you once again to walk close to God for the days ahead will be challenging ones.  Paul reminds us in 2 Tim 3:1 “that, in the last days, perilous times will come.”  We are living in those “last days”, my friends.  Allow me to leave you with the words of Eph 5:15-16 … “See then that you walk circumspectly, not as fools but as wise, redeeming the time, because the days are evil.”


3 thoughts on “May 2010

  1. Hi Rev Henson after reading your May Blog my tears just cant stop flowing.I thank God for giving you strength wisdom and courage to go thru so much in your life.It really encourage me on my daily life and work.Thank you Lord.Amen

    1. Hi Erwin
      Glad to hear that the newsletter encouraged you 🙂 Keep close to the Lord and walk in His ways. Draw strength from Him for is it He who enables you for all that matters to the Kingdom of God.

  2. Thank you Ps Henson, I’m so encouraged after reading your blog. God is so faithful and we are never in lack/want 🙂 The Lord continues to watch over all of you and bless you!

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