March 2015

It’s March! Faster than you can say, “Hallelujah!”, a quarter of the year would have zipped by. How did you spend the past two months? How would you account for the time (chronos) and the opportunities (kairos) you had?

Ever since receiving my assignment in Archippus Awakening, I have become a lot more mindful of how each day is spent. I want to be sure that I am clear of my assignment and that I am fulfilling what the Lord has tasked me to do (Col 4:17). Being conscious of this has also made me realize that I am not always productive. Truth be told, I have – on more than a few occasions – been lazy or distracted. For this reason, I am so thankful that knowing my assignment enables me to get back on track.

K101 Journey Begins 18 Mar

Similarly, I invite you to discover the Kingdom assignment the Lord has prepared for you (Eph 2:10). On 4 Feb, a fresh initiative in KINGDOM101 was introduced. How significant that a total of 101 attended this Special Introductory Session. If your desire is to know the King, embrace His Kingdom and receive your assignment, this expository journey through the gospel of Matthew is for you. Get ready because PHASE I of the journey begins on Wednesday, 18 March, 7:30pm at #11-11 CT HUB. CLICK HERE for dates and details. Share this event and invite others who need to be awakened, aligned and assigned.

Where Kingdom initiatives are concerned, Archippus Awakening is privileged to co-host the upcoming JUBILEE GOSPEL Conference (13-14 March) with Raffles Air. This is a wonderful opportunity for all believers to hear Dato Dr Kim Tan and be awakened to the true significance of Jubilee and know how we can proclaim the good news of the Kingdom tangibly and practically. Network with others and even sample a taste of Israel at the conference. REGISTER ONLINE NOW.


In January, eight of us travelled to Tanauan Leyte, Tacloban, Philippines. At the invitation of Pastor Joel Lerios of Jesus Our Refuge AG Church, TEAM ARCHIPPUS ministered at a one-day seminar aptly entitled, “AWAKENED. ALIGNED. ASSIGNED.” [Read more…] Praise God for the relationships that have grown since we started contributing to the re-building of homes for typhoon-affected families. A word of thanks must be recorded to the many who responded as the Lord stirred in their hearts to give. [Read more…]


On Valentine’s Day 14 Feb, Serene and I had the opportunity to share “Building Marriages on the Rock” at Toa Payoh Methodist Church. This was especially significant since we will celebrate our own 20th Wedding Anniversary this year on 11 March. As always, the most meaningful moment was when couples stood to forgive each other and to re-dedicate their marriages back to the Lord. After 20 years, we do not claim to have a perfect marriage. We are just thankful to be able to share our lives with others that more will be encouraged and marriages enabled to bring glory to Jesus.

Being on assignment for Jesus does not mean that it’s all been work, work and work. Thankfully, the Lord reminds us to rest too. Given my ministry schedule, we decided to celebrate our 20th Wedding Anniversary one week in advance. For this, we picked Club Med Bintan (yes, again) so that the children have things to do thereby allowing Serene and I to relax a little. The timing was perfect and we virtually had the club all to ourselves, enjoying all the facilities and the food. I even managed a knee-hang catch on the trapeze – no joke!


Not much of a romantic getaway really, but it’s ok; Serene and I still managed to have our quiet moments together, giving thanks and praise to the Lord for 20 years of being together … plus seven children along the way. In a few days’ time, on 11 March, we will sneak out for an anniversary meal alone … shhhh ….

On 26 February, Ruth reached double-digit … 10 years old! We spent the morning longkang fishing at Qianhu Fish Farm and then gorged ourselves silly that night at Marche! On 12 March, it’s another Lim Tribe birthday as Anna Joy turns six years old! I still remember the day I played mid-wife and delivered this bundle of joy right in our very own bedroom. Can’t believe our baby is turning six this week! Then again, our eldest, David, will turn 17 next month.


Once the festivities and celebrations are over, it’s back to work. KINGDOM101 will be the most challenging, starting 18 March, and every Wednesday after that. Really, what was I thinking? I am constantly reminded that my adequacy is found entirely in God. In between, there are at least 10 speaking engagements across various churches and ministries (see Ministry Schedule). Thanks for praying for me and for Archippus Awakening, for Serene and for our children. We stand amazed at the Lord’s grace and provision as we continue this walk of faith.


Yes, I am so thankful that the Lord opened my eyes to understand the importance of knowing one’s assignment/s. No matter how I feel, whether motivated, discouraged, tired or otherwise, knowing my assignment keeps me going. For sure, the days are evil and the times are urgent. I want every moment to count as I live for Jesus day by day. Dear friend, this is my prayer for you too. May Jesus be revealed afresh to you that you may be aligned with Him and His Kingdom! If you’d like to know more about what it means to be an Archippus, visit our website, read the Archippus Affirmation or like our Facebook Page.

In His love and for His glory!
Henson & Serene Lim


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