Building Marriages on the Rock

Sanford and I were privileged and blessed to sit under Henson’s teaching last month on Building Marriages on the Rock. Henson has been blessed by the Lord with the gift of teaching, and possesses a unique blend of the spiritual and the cerebral. It is always a pleasure to hear him expound Truth in a way that makes it easy to ingest and digest, thus making it so much easier to then work out what has been worked in.

For old fogies like us who have been married 21 years already, and have had our fair share of ups and downs (and all arounds), who have experienced all the attacks of the evil one on our own marriage, and have emerged victorious solely by the grace that comes from Jesus Christ alone; we still felt we could gain treasure from attending this seminar, taught by a man with less experience in marriage than us perhaps, but who has the hand of God upon his life and ministry.

The Lord bless you and your family, brother, and may you continue to preach and teach the uncompromising truth of God’s Word.

Sanford & Athena D’Souza
Cornerstone Community Church


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