Learning from Old Testament Series

Dear Rev Henson Lim,

Today as I was doing one of the spiritual disciplines – meditation, it suddenly dawned upon me that I have unconsciously picked up what you have taught in the Old Testament Series, “39”. The way you interpret the bible, how you spot the attributes of God, what lessons we can learn, how to apply in our present days and see Jesus from the Old Testament.

I was reading a passage from the book of Jeremiah and after I have journaled down my thoughts, I realized that I had done that. It amazes and excites me since I have never done that before. I have no doubt it is also the work of the Holy Spirit but I think studying the Old Testament from you helps too. You make it interesting and easy for us to understand and most important, you bring the bible alive to us. You do not spoon-feed us but inspire us to go back and read the Old Testament ourselves.

You taught us from the book of Numbers that God is God of order and I can see that you have developed that trait too from your well-organized charts, tables and diagrams in your teaching.

Thank you for your hard work, time and effort in preparing all these.

I thank God for you that we are able to learn so much from you and to grow in our relationship with the Lord.

I am looking forward to continue our Old Testament Journey, “39” in August.

May God continue to use you mightily for His Kingdom!


Guat Hoon
CVSOM Certificate Student
RiverLife Church



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