November 2019

*Blink* and we’re into the final month of 2019!

I must admit that I was kind of caught by surprise. December ministry engagements booked earlier seemed so far away. Then this week, it dawned on me that these are just around the corner!

Well, I guess I can be excused for losing track of time. Since my last update, quite a lot has taken place. Allow me to simply list the main events:

  • 21 Sept: Mentoring Aligning Process (MAP) commences
  • 27-29 Sept: New Life City Church Camp (Perth)
  • 12 Oct: AA Proclaimers Pilot Training
  • 18-20 Oct: Re:Alignment Conference (Glad Tidings Church)
  • 23 Oct & 20 Nov: Sessions #97 & #98 of KINGDOM101
  • Church Services: Geylang Chinese Methodist Church, Hinghwa Methodist Church, Bethesda Bedok-Tampines Church, Kingdom Life Church, Calvary AG Church
  • Others: CFM Marketplace Fellowship, St Luke’s Hospital Staff Devotions

Yup, no slowing down for this 55 year old – haha! Just thankful for the Lord’s enablement (and your prayers).

I am also extremely thankful that I managed to squeeze in two little breaks: one in Perth (with Aaron, Esther & Ruth after serving at NLCC Camp) and another in Singapore (with Serene, Deborah Hope & Anna Joy, a simple post-PSLE getaway).

Speaking of PSLE, Deborah Hope collected her results last week. A little nervous as we made our way to MOE, she later shed tears of relief and joy upon finding out that she did better than what she had hoped for, clearing the higher benchmark required of homeschoolers! So happy for her; and so very proud of both Deborah Hope and Serene. Praise the Lord!

In case you are wondering about our eldest two, David and Sarah are both in NUS now. (Another proud daddy and proud hubby moment.) Since it’s the first time they are in “school”, the most frequently asked question is: How are they adjusting or coping? Short answer: They are both doing fine.

*Blink* again and we would have entered a brand new year: 2020.

I am bracing myself for yet another interesting and eventful year. That said, I am not thinking too much about it at the moment; instead, to remember to always take it one day at a time. As an itinerant speaker with a not-as-typical ministry of Archippus Awakening, I am just thankful that the ministry schedule is already filling up – services, meetings, camps, overseas trips, new initiatives, etc. Still, I know the Lord has already gone ahead and it will be exciting to see what He has in store.

Speaking of “store”, here’s a new initiative to share with you. Yours truly just bungled his way through setting up an online store on Archippus Awakening’s website:! Given my IT knowledge and coding skills (NOT!), this is a miracle to finally be able to sell my two books Say To Archippus and Alignment Check online.

Archippus Awakening Shop

In time for Christmas and also to celebrate the new online shop, there will be a 20% discount off all books plus free shipping within Singapore only (no minimum purchase)! Simply use this coupon code AA20OFF when checking out. Offer valid until 31 Dec 2019. Share this as widely as possible so that more can be blessed with these resources and be awakened, aligned and assigned for Jesus and His kingdom. BUY NOW.

Archippian Stories

I’d like to highlight another new development on Archippus Awakening’s website. Recently, we added a new section, Archippian Stories, short articles and accounts of normal Christians – Archippuses – on kingdom assignments. These simple stories of successes and struggles have encouraged many to rethink and reframe what it means to serve Jesus, that ministry need not be confined to the ‘walls’ of the local church. I hope you will likewise be encouraged and challenged as you peruse these stories.

As you prepare to cross over into a new year, may the Lord bless you in all your endeavours. Yet, as exciting as crossovers are, it is the transitions that we must learn to navigate well. To this end, I hope this message (one of my personal favourites) which I just delivered at BBTC will encourage you: Trekking through Transitions.

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Thanks for reading these newsletters and for encouraging me as I continue to fulfil my kingdom assignments to the glory of Jesus my King. Thanks also for your prayers and support for the Lim Tribe and the work of Archippus Awakening.

Blessed Christmas and a blessed new year ahead!

In His love and for His glory!