Answer Prepared In Advance

I was struggling with a thought at the back of my mind for a while. Sometimes I thought I have the answer but other times I found myself questioning again. Then one fine day, I told God that perhaps I should put the matter to rest, once and for all, if He would give me an answer. On that very same day, I received the CV newsletter and got to read Rev Henson’s article on “When even a wrong turn is right”. It was just spot on. I got the answer I was seeking and felt a total release. Indeed, we have a great God who cannot wait to answer those who would call Him (Jer 33:3) . Can you imagine that the newsletter was prepared way in advance and God already knew when I was going to ask Him and He arranged for it to be delivered to me on the very day that I need it. God is awesome, isn’t He!

Amanda Tan
Covenant Vision Christian Church


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