September 2019

I confess. The temptation to put off writing this newsletter is great. After all, when it comes to crastinating, I’m a pro! (ba-doom-toom!) However, after missing July’s update by a day, I figured it’s best not to let this become another habit that will be difficult to break in the future.

So here goes…

It’s been nearly a month of being 55 years old! Yes, it’s CPF year (no, I have not booked my cruise-around-the-world yet) and also NRIC re-registration year (no, I have not done that either). Amidst a heavy ministry schedule, I am just thankful to have spent time with family over a popiah party lovingly prepared by Mom and Ruth (our 14 year old). #ble55ed

August was also significant for our family for another reason. After a season of homeschooling, our two eldest, David and Sarah started ‘normal’ school at National University of Singapore. Needless to say, I am very proud of them; and also very proud of Serene. What a journey it has been and we press on by the grace of God (Deborah Hope’s turn at PSLE next week!).

Ministry-wise, Archippus Awakening marked her 5th year quietly on Saturday, 3 August. In a blink of an eye, it’s been more than five years of declaring the message of awakening across the Body of Christ. Those who assembled at KINGDOM101 on 28 August enjoyed cake and snacks graciously contributed by a few members of Team Archippus. (Join us for the next KINGDOM101 session on Wednesday 25 September – sorry, no cake.)

Those who know me will know that my preference is to stay at home and not go anywhere. Well, for the sake of the assignment in Archippus Awakening, the Lord has been stretching me in this department. Team Archippus went to Sabah for an “Awakened Aligned Assigned” Seminar in Sandakan across the weekend of Malaysia’s Independence Day (30-31 August). Next weekend, I will be in Perth, to speak at a church camp, to declare the message of – you guessed it – Archippus Awakening.

Back in Singapore, I taught two modules at Tung Ling Bible School: “The Art of Preaching & Presentation” (School of Leadership 5-7 Aug) and “Knowing & Fulfilling Kingdom Assignments” (School of Ministry 9-11 Sept). Since the Lord opened this door in August 2017, this platform has provided even more opportunities to reach the saints – Archippuses – across different churches, age groups and countries. Love the kingdom connections, especially when they turn into kingdom partnerships!

I find it really interesting that in a season when many of my peers are thinking about slowing down, discussing retirement and considering bucket lists, things seem to be picking up for me! I am not complaining at all; but honestly, I wish this could have been when I was much younger with more energy to spare.

Somehow, in this season, Psalm 90:12 has a different ring to it: “So teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.” My next marker is 2024, when I turn 60, God willing. For sure, I will keep moving on my kingdom assignments with whatever I have, as the Lord allows and enables. That said, there seems to be a shift where the nature of my assignment is concerned and as our children grow up over the next five years. There is a heightened sense of awareness of the need to invest more deeply into these lives that the work of the kingdom will then continue through these. Oh, how I need His wisdom for this! One day at a time, of course.

Turning 55. To my children, anything above 50 is considered “so old!” But against eternity, it is but “a sigh” (Psalm 90:9). Some have remarked that 55 stands for double-grace. Nice. But if His grace is so very abundant, why settle only for double? Personally, 55 is for me to be doubly reminded that all I have and enjoy is entirely by His grace. That this “sigh” of a life can have a part to play in His eternal plan – oh, what grace!

Dear friends, thank you for reading these updates and my rambling thoughts. More than just know what I have been doing, you also get to know the person that I am. I face the same challenges and wrestle with the same issues as anyone else. If not for Jesus and His grace, what would we be, ya? Thank you for accompanying me on this journey, praying and supporting as the Lord leads.

Until the next update …

In His love and for His glory