Healing Service at Grace MC

It’s been a while since I ministered out of Covenant Vision.  My heart was filled with excitement and expectation as to how the Lord might use me at Grace Methodist Church last night, Wednesday 24 March.  The weeks and days leading up to the healing service were filled with various demands and responsibilities at Covenant Vision and at home.  Still, my mind would think ahead to the service, constantly whispering a simple prayer, “Lord, give me the word to release that night.”

Then last week, I sat down with my bible uttering the same prayer.  I sensed the Lord prompting me, “Since it’s going to be Palm Sunday and Holy Week soon, speak from the account that took place before my entry into Jerusalem.”  I flipped the pages and found the story of blind Bartimaeus.  Honestly, I wasn’t too thrilled for it was a familiar story and one preached so often.  I wanted something fresh.  And yet, in my spirit, I knew I had to obey.  I carried the story in my heart as I went about my other duties and chores.

Come Holy Spirit we need You.

When I prepared the message yesterday morning, the points simply flowed.  I got more and more excited as if I would burst if I didn’t get to preach it immediately.  I knew the Lord would move powerfully at the service.  And He did!

After a time of worship, I got up to share the Word.  As I released the points, I could sense that faith was rising in the people’s hearts.  As Jesus asked Bartimaeus, “What do you want Me to do for you?”, I invited all to simply state what they wanted the Lord to do for them.  No long stories, no medical history, just a simple request.  One by one, they came out of the pews and walked to the front.

What do you want Jesus to do for you?

Ministry began, and the place was filled with such a presence of God!  Tears flowed, people shook, some fell under the anointing.  Pains left and legs were stretched out!  It was such a sweet, sweet time.  There was no rush as we allowed each to be prayed for and to be ministered by God.  I believe that many received their healing and I am looking forward to hearing their testimonies soon to the glory of God.

Just this afternoon, a sister emailed me … “As you were praying for the bruise on my head last night, I felt as if a weight was lifted from my head.  The numbess left my left jaw.  When I reached home, I realised that the swollen part has shrunk tremendously and only a small bruise left.  I could lie on the pillow without any more pain from my left side of the head and I slept very well.  All glory to God!”  Praise the Lord!!!

Neck pain gone!

I too was so blessed.  It is always such a privilege and honour to minister in the name of Jesus.  He is the One who heals and delivers.  I just get to be a part of His work and to witness His power in the lives of the people.  Thank You, Jesus, for giving me the opportunity to declare Your awesome and beautiful name!  To God be all glory and honour!!!

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