Work-Time Christianity

Bro Henson was my boss, when I first entered the advertising industry in 2000. I was interviewed for the job over dinner, and I remember him declaring towards the end of the meal that he felt I was the right fit for the role; but he went on to qualify the statement by saying that no decision should be made until I had prayed regarding the matter, and consulted with my wife.

This kind of ‘talk’ was completely new to me, though being a believer myself I’d always thought that ‘work-time Christianity’did not show quite as publicly and explicitly as it did; but it seemed, even in that first meeting, Bro Henson didn’t make any distinction of this at all, his relationship with God spoke in any sphere, and at almost every opportunity which presented itself. This continued to intrigue me in the months that followed.

Now, having joined the agency which he ran, I began see more of how this ‘work-time Christianity’ intermingled with the “personal and private”. Bro Henson shared very openly of his family, the challenges at home and at work, but more importantly (to me at least); how God featured in every part of it.

I learnt during my time working with Bro Henson that worship and honor to God was something that needed to be exercised all through the week, in public and in private. It is a life to be kept real; never a front, and certainly never an act. This is the example that frequently gets called to mind, even today.

As I continue to walk this path, I’ve grown to desire that all of who I am, give praise and magnify the glory of God every single day that I breathe!

“The steps of a good man are ordered by the LORD: and he delighteth in his way.” Psalm 37:23

Gordon Ng
Kum Yan Methodist Cantonese Church


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