January 2010

A very blessed new year to all of you in the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ!

Just two weeks into the new year, and we have seen events take place that confirm the Prophetic Word for 2010 released by Rev Francis Khoo at Covenant Vision’s Watchnight Service on 31 Dec 2009.  Indeed, it will be a season of contradictions and confusion.  The world is just tottering out of a recession.  There is hope and increased confidence.  At the same time, there is apprehension and caution.  And then … petrol prices have gone up again … the price of rice shoots up once more.  Terrorism rears its ugly head again, bombs going off in various parts of the world.  Closer to home, religious fanaticism is experienced as churches are burnt and defaced in Malaysia.  And most recently, we read of the 7.0 magnitude earthquake that rocked and devastated Haiti.  Read the Prophetic Word again, and get acquainted with the four horses and their riders.  Discern the significance as you watch events unfold.  Respond as the Holy Spirit directs and prompts.

It is indeed sobering but I praise God that we, His children, need not cower in fear.  I thank God that He continues to speak to His people for He has promised to never leave us nor forsake us. The Prophetic Words through the years have been released to warn us that we may respond appropriately and be rightly positioned for what is to come.  That said, I reflect with amusement (and a tinge of sadness) at how some have chosen to understand this, for many have come to seek and receive the Prophetic Word for material and financial gains, concerned only with when is it the right time to invest in the stock and property markets.  To this end, I wonder how many have missed the Lord’s invitation to draw close to Him, to address the issues of the heart, to rise up as sons and daughters of God?  The call has not changed.  In fact, I sense an increased urgency for each to respond.  Of one thing I am certain … God wants to raise up the sons of Zion!

Speaking of one thing … I want to share with you the message “ONE THING” I delivered at Covenant Vision Christian Church, on 3 Jan, the very first message of 2010.  The Lord led me to four passages in the bible which formed the key points for the message.  Like David in Psalm 27:4 “one thing I have desired of the Lord”, many of us have the desire to seek the Lord.  However, like the rich young ruler in Mark 10:21, we too lack one thing – the devotion necessary to fulfil that desire.  As such, like Martha in Luke 10:41&42, we confuse duty with devotion, only to be reminded that only “one thing is needed”, and that is to sit at the feet of Jesus to hear His word.  To seek the Lord is to know Jesus, and nothing should distract us from this one thing, for this is eternal life (John 17:3).  As such my focus and priority for 2010 is borrowed from the words of Paul in Phil 3:13&14, “one thing I do”, to press on and on and on until I know Jesus as He is to be known!

All praise and glory to God for enabling me in the work of the ministry.  The final months of 2009 took me to various churches and ministries to preach and teach the Word of God.  Interestingly, I found myself addressing quite a few youth and young adult groups.  On 19 Nov, I conducted a workshop on “The Father’s Love” at the 1st Coy Girls’ Brigade Camp at MGS.  On 21 Nov, I spoke at Kum Yan Methodist Church on “Growing Spiritually in Today’s World”.  Then from 7 to 10 Dec, I was the Camp Speaker for Brethren Church Bukit Arang’s Youth Camp.  That was an interesting exercise as I taught the young people about marriages, relationships and the dating game.  In December, I went back to FGA to be the speaker for the Filipino Fellowship Christmas Outreach.  I always enjoy preaching to this people group for their hearts are so open to receive God’s Word and His love.  As expected, the Lord visited and ministered to these lovely people, bringing much joy and healing.

My role as the Dean of Covenant Vision School of Ministry kept me busy as I out-processed the Certificate and Diploma students.  To the glory of God, a total of 44 students (30 Certificate & 14 Diploma) will graduate at the School’s 2nd Graduation Ceremony on 23 Jan at Parkroyal on Beach Road.  From this cohort, 20 have moved on to the Diploma Programme.  At the same time, I interviewed and in-processed 36 new students for the Certificate Programme.  This January Intake started class on Wednesday, 13 Jan.  It was very encouraging for me to see the new and eager faces from so many different local churches, each hungry to learn more and be used by God.  I am praying that they will all be touched and radically transformed by God for His purposes and glory!

Back at home, we have begun a new school term for 2010.  The children are all growing up so quickly that I am often surprised by their speech and grown-up mannerisms!  Praise God!  Presently, you can catch David & Sarah on Spellcast (OKTO, Sunday, 11:30am).  We are so proud of their achievements, holding their own against the other contestants.  It was a very good exposure for them as they learnt and experienced competition … and a bit of tension and anxiety too.  Aaron turned 8 in January, and promptly kicked off the Lim Tribe’s Birthday Series 2010 (if you remember, we celebrate birthdays every month!).

Finally, Serene and I would like to thank all of you for journeying with us through 2009.  It was a very eventful, challenging and productive year, and we know it was made more enjoyable and manageable because of your love, prayers and support.  With each new day, we learn and experience new things.  Just when we think we’ve got something figured out, we enter into another phase and we start learning all over again.  Truly, life is never boring with seven in tow!  Yet, tiring and exhausting as some days (and nights) may be, we plod on resting and relying upon the power and the grace of our God.  We have run into His loving arms countless times, and we know we will continue to do just that in this new year.

Once again, thank you for your co-labour in the ministry and for your words of encouragement.  We give thanks to Him for each and every one of you.  May you continue to walk in His abundance and His plans for you and your loved ones as you draw close to Him always.


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