November 2017

Another year is drawing to a close! And 2017 has been another full and fulfilling year.

In the past newsletters, I have written much about the work of the ministry. For this newsletter, I have decided to dedicate this update to my wife and children who have stood by me, releasing me to do what the Lord has assigned to me through Archippus Awakening. There are many times when they have had to put up with my heavy ministry schedule, missing me at home and at our home church. With love, understanding and much sacrifice, they have supported me through another year. I give thanks and praise to the Lord for Serene and our children.

Hereunder is a gallery of selected pictures of the Lim Tribe. Whenever possible, we try our best to spend time together, creating memories that we will cherish and look back on. Each child is so precious and special, gifted by the Lord in different fields and talents.

Celebrate with us – a not-so-normal family in Singapore! Few understand the dynamics of a family our size, but we have grown to love and enjoy one another (however crowded and noisy!). As homeschoolers, we have had to answer the same ol’ questions over and over and over again. I suppose the greatest perk is that we get to go where we want when it’s off-peak! As a ministry family, we get to serve together. It’s a great way to expose the children to learn and see that the Body of Christ and the Kingdom of God is much bigger than what we experience in the local church. And when they see me preaching, teaching and pressing on even when I am tired and stretched, my prayer is that they have a glimpse of what it means to love and serve Jesus – ministry may be tough, but Jesus is worthy of it all!

Enjoy our family moments with us …

We don’t know how many times we have visited the zoo. It used to be the entire tribe, but the older ones have out-grown the animals. So, it’s just us and the three younger ones, enjoying a KFC lunch at the zoo.
I used to play squash quite regularly. But these days, it is a great struggle trying to keep up with Aaron (15yo)! Still, a good work out and great fun with my son. It won’t be long before he beats me at the game.
Two beautiful ladies. Can you tell which one is Sarah, and which is Serene? Celebrating Sarah’s birthday with joy. After a serious eczema attack last year, we are so thankful that she is ok now and able to eat again. Praise the Lord!
So, so, so very proud of both Serene and Ruth (12yo)! Here they are, after collecting the PSLE results on 24 November. Ruth did well and cleared the benchmark for homeschoolers (higher than just a pass). Serene cleared her 5th PSLE 🙂 Well done!
On a daddy-daughter outing with Sarah (17yo). She loves singing and musicals (wonder who she got that from!?). Here we are, having dinner before watching “Sister Act”.
Esther (14yo) expressing herself through art. She has such an artistic and creative talent. Self-taught, she can knit, crochet, draw, paint, write calligraphy and brush letterings! Check out her own website at and follow her on Instagram at
Our first-born, David (19yo). He enlisted for National Service last October. Although it is unlikely for those with PES B2 status to go for leadership training, he was selected for the Maintenance & Ammunitions Specialists Cadet Course. At the Parents’ Engagement Event on 6 October, I got to present him with the Cadet Sergeant Rank.
Sarah was part of TEAM ARCHIPPUS that went to Bandung in August to declare the message of Archippus Awakening. Together with others, she prayed for and ministered to those who responded to the altar call.
Deborah Hope (10yo) and Anna Joy (8yo) enjoying their ice-cream. It is always so heartwarming to see them play together, laughing together and having so much fun with one another. These two sisters are such great friends!
When the call was made for TEAM ARCHIPPUS to minister to our Indonesian brothers and sisters in Christ, Esther (14yo) stepped forth boldly and proceeded to pray. From the stage, I watched with joy and pride, seeing this young lady serve alongside others.
Deborah Hope (10yo) expressed her desire and readiness to be baptised in October. She was so excited, and I was so thankful that I got to baptise my own daughter, and to pray a blessing over her after she came out of the water.
An impromptu lunch after service on Sunday. Just the two of us, Ruth and I ended up in Toa Payoh Lorong 8 for fried hokkien mee!
Proud parents of 3SG David Lim at the Graduation Ceremony on 23 November. He did his best, was disappointed that he didn’t win a Gold Bayonet, but still achieved Best Section and Best in PT!
In the midst of his Specialist Cadet Course, David still found time to participate in the Cheng San CC Songwriting Competition on 12 November. It was good exposure and experience, performing his own song and competing against 17 other finalists. Sure reminds me of when I participated in such competitions 🙂
Aaron (15yo) selling SAY TO ARCHIPPUS at Agape Methodist Church Camp in June. We had father-son bonding time at the camp, and watched the latest Transformers movie at just Rp30,000 per ticket!
Can you tell who is missing in this photo? Because of David’s course, he was not able to join us for a family break after PSLE at Club Med Bintan. Needless to say, we enjoyed the buffet spreads on his behalf.
Aaron (15yo) was the team photographer for TEAM ARCHIPPUS in Bandung. This year, Aaron was asked to cover our church’s anniversary service. He is really good at the craft, and he is getting better and better!
Anna Joy (8yo) and Deborah Hope (10yo) taking their shots at Club Med Bintan’s archery range.
THE LIM TRIBE. It’s getting more and more challenging to get everyone together for a family photo. This is us celebrating with Deborah Hope after her baptism on 29 October.
Finally, a photo of Serene and me. I am so thankful for my wife. She has done so much for me and the children. She has also taken a lot of my nonsense and had to endure the times when I, being overly focussed in ministry, have been insensitive to her needs and struggles. Through it all, she stands by me, supporting me because she loves Jesus and His kingdom too. I know she will look at this photo and complain that her hair is messy. It’s ok, my hair is messier. She is beautiful and I love her so much!

I hope you enjoyed this little photo update of the Lim Tribe. Thank you for always praying for me, for Serene and for our seven children. As much as I want to excel in my service unto the Lord through Archippus Awakening, I am well aware of my kingdom assignments as husband and father in my marriage and family.

It is not easy, and Serene and I have had our fair share of debates, dialogues and discussions on what the right balance is and how best to achieve it. Many have looked at us and think that we possess some super power or super faith. We wish. The truth is, we lean on and rest in the Lord’s grace over and over again. We are weak but He is strong. We fail and He picks up again and again. With seven children, we are still trying to figure out what parenting is all about. We mess up big time, but we know that in the end, God is still faithful.

Thank you for journeying with us, for rejoicing with us, and for cheering us on. Your love, prayers and support continue to be a source of encouragement for us. We thank and praise God for you. We trust that you would have had a great 2017 too. And we pray that you will enter into all that the Lord has prepared for you in 2018! I know the Lim Tribe is looking forward to another year of great adventures and great exploits with our great God!

To God be the glory!
Henson & Serene