God Healed My Heart

I came to know Jesus barely 2 months ago. In the short time that I knew Him, I learnt about the love of Jesus and His power to heal. With this knowledge, I decided to attend the healing service and hope that my requests will be met by the One who came to seek and save the lost.

It began with a ‘smashing’ worship that led my heart to yearn for God. The spiritual atmosphere was further intensified with the special song request made by Bro Henson, “More love, more power, more of You in my life.” He began expounding on the word of God with so much anointing I was sure the presence of God was there.

Then came the time to heal the sick. People of all illnesses and ailments came to be healed. One by one they fell backwards and I realised this must be the Holy Spirit ministering to their needs. It was my turn and I asked for healing of my dislocated arm(an injury sustained after a fall when I was 3 yrs old). When Bro Henson prayed for me, I felt a little dizzy but I continued to stand (may have resisted a little). Although I have not been healed physically, I know God has healed my heart and I left the church with the peace of God. I trust God and will continue to lean on Him for further healing.

Marina Ng
Grace Methodist Church


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