November 2016


3 October holds a special significance for me.

It was on this date 3 years ago that the Lord said to “cross over” through Joshua 3:4. Where to? Do what? I had no idea at all! The instruction was simply to drop everything and to do all that He would show me later on.

As we know now, Archippus Awakening is that assignment. Birthing this ministry on 3 Aug 2014, Archippus Awakening turned two years old 3 months back, and entered into Year 3. I was reminded of the “cross over” once more, but this time through Joshua 1:11, that “within 3 days”, we will enter into what the Lord has prepared for us.


3 years later, on 3 October 2016, we literally crossed a body of water when we accompanied our eldest, David, to Pulau Tekong. That day, David enlisted for National Service and become a soldier of the Singapore Army. My own enlistment was 33 years ago. As parents, we moved into a new season, releasing our firstborn into the next phase of his life. I couldn’t help but notice the uncanny parallel for Archippus Awakening – to awaken the saints that God’s firstborns (Heb 12:23) would also be released to be soldiers of the Lord’s army, aligned and assigned! (cf Philemon 2)

Interestingly, 3 October was also Rosh Hashanah, crossing into the Hebrew Year 5777 – yes, 3 sevens. Also known as the Feast of Trumpets, it affirmed the word released over me through Numbers 10 about silver trumpets – “for calling the congregation and for directing the movement of the camps.” (Num 10:1-2) A word for Archippus Awakening? Definitely. But more than that, I believe that this is the Lord’s approval and instruction for us to sound the alarm even more boldly, loudly and clearly in this 3rd year!

By now, I am sure you would have noticed that I am in a season of 3s.


When planning for the “AWAKENED. ALIGNED. ASSIGNED.” Seminar, my preference was to hold it in November. But that was not to be. The only date that the venue would be available was Saturday, 3 December. (We just conducted a recce of Sengkang Methodist Church on … you guessed it … 3 November!)

Where I had previously waited for churches to invite me to share about Archippus Awakening, it is now our turn to invite the churches to come and hear the message of Archippus Awakening! Emboldened by the Lord’s 3-point encouragement – Rosh Hashanah 5777, Silver Trumpets & Rehoboth – I am blowing the trumpet as loud as I can!

Like Gideon in Judges 6:34-35, I am also sending messengers out to all churches and denominations. For sure, I cannot reach everyone. But with your help, together, we can reach more!

If you have not heard the message of Archippus Awakening, then don’t miss this opportunity to be with us on 3 December. If you have heard and believe in what the Lord is saying through Archippus Awakening, then invite others so that they can be awakened, aligned and assigned too! Admission is FREE but registration is required as lunch will be catered for all participants. Information, programme highlights & registration at

As He did for Gideon, I am believing that from this initiative, the Lord will raise 300 Archippuses, awakened, aligned and assigned for His purposes and glory! To this end, our prayer team is boldly asking God for a turnout of at least 333 at the AAA Seminar on 3 December. Pray with and for us. Even better, be counted amongst the 333.

I know this is not a typical newsletter update, or a typical 3-point message. But I make no apologies that all effort and energy is being channelled into what might possibly be a watershed exercise for Archippus Awakening. And I invite your partnership, participation and presence!

fullsizerender-7As always, I am deeply appreciative of your love, prayers and support all these years since I stepped out to the serve the Lord in a full time capacity. If you’d like to sow financially into the AAA Seminar, or any initiative of Archippus Awakening, please email me. Thank you for always having me, Serene and our children in your hearts and minds.

I hope to see you at the AAA Seminar on 3 December! Praying that you and your loved ones will always be awakened, aligned and assigned for Jesus and His kingdom!

In His love and for His glory!