September 2014


Many have asked how I am able to have a large family, keep up with ministry, manage two blogs and still have time to send out newsletter updates so regularly. Yes, it’s tough but each time I sit down to pen these updates, it gives me the opportunity to reflect and to recount the many blessings that the Lord has allowed in my life. That gives me great joy and causes my heart to overflow with thanksgiving and praise as I acknowledge His grace and leading. I know this doesn’t address the “how” but at least you understand the “why”. So that this motivation is presented more clearly, allow me to share three milestones that took place in the past two months.

Firstly, on 8 July, I marked 14 years of Following Jesus since the Lord issued the call to serve Him in a fulltime capacity. As I responded to the Lord’s invitation, my life changed radically. What began that morning was a journey of discovery and faith. 14 years later, I have experienced and learnt lots; and yet, I know that there is so much more!


Next, on 3 August, an event was held to mark the birth of Archippus Awakening, the assignment I have received in the Lord. Although I am still unsure of many details going forward, I felt prompted to organise this ‘birth event’ by faith, as a prophetic act, exactly 40 weeks from 27 Oct 2013, when the seed of Archippus Awakening was planted in the womb of my spirit. [Watch Video of Birth Message]


Praise God that the event was well attended and the message well received. Having done my part, I know the Lord will show and pave the way forward. A fortnight later, I had the opportunity to address 70+ leaders at Ang Mo Kio Methodist Church’s Cell Leaders’ Retreat. They may have signed up for a retreat but ended up attending an Awakening Event (A.W.E.).

Screen Shot 2014-08-31 at 8.30.48 pm

More recently, the Lord opened the door for us to organise our very first Awakening Event (A.W.E.) on Wednesday, 1 October. We will be bringing in Amir Tsarfati, Founder and President of Behold Israel, for a special one-day seminar, “THE BEGINNING OF THE END”, to be held at GoodGifts Auditorium. The focus is obviously eschatological as he unpacks biblical prophecy in light of what is presently taking place in the Middle East and around the world. More than just another teaching seminar, it is an Awakening Event (A.W.E.) to awaken the saints to examine how we are living our lives and to respond rightly to know and fulfil our God-given assignments. Feel free to share this A.W.E. with your leaders and friends. We expect an overwhelming response for this seminar (9am – 4pm), and as space is limited, please register online promptly to avoid disappointment. The night meeting at 7:30pm is open to public. For more information, email or call 8227 6887.


And thirdly, amidst all the many happenings and development, I reached half a century on 24 August! As I shared on my blog, it was a quiet and simple affair but no less significant. In fact, two years ago, when I first realized that I would turn 50 soon, I began to seek the Lord even more earnestly. Not content to merely go with the flow, I prayed, “Lord, as I turn 50, I want the next decade to be fully given to You. I want every moment to count, to be where You want me to be, to do what You will task me to do.” The answer to that prayer, as you now know, is Archippus Awakening. And so, I will devote my every waking moment and energy to fulfill this assignment faithfully.

Three milestones in two months … and a lot more that took place in between. As I recount these experiences, it makes me even more aware of the Lord’s hand of grace upon me and my family. Often, when we venture the next step, we don’t really know where we are headed nor what to expect. But when we look back, it is so wonderful to see the Lord’s faithfulness through His gentle leading and prompting every step of the way. That’s what keeps me writing these newsletters. For one, it encourages me and builds my faith; and for another, it gives me great joy to be able to share the same with you!

Going forward, I will be making another trip to Tacloban (11-15 Sept), Philippines. Since the last update, we have reached and surpassed our target of 20 houses for the people of Tanauan, Leyte. Thanks to the generosity and support of many, we have contributed 22 houses and one van! Some of these houses are being used to host cell groups for the growing Jesus Our Refuge Church community. My parents and three children (David, Sarah, Esther) will accompany me as I bring the message of Archippus Awakening at a one-day seminar and then speak at the night revival meeting on Saturday. On Sunday, I will preach at the church service and then visit the families to pray for them and to bless their new houses. About a month later, 21-27 Oct, I will travel to Kidapawan City (2hrs from Davao City, Mindanao) to speak at a Prayer & Leadership Conference. Thank you for praying for me as I fulfil these overseas engagements and others locally. (See Ministry Schedule)


With the celebration of my 50th birthday, the Lim Tribe Birthday Series ended, giving us a break until January 2015 when Aaron starts the ball rolling again! But before that, the young man is diligently preparing for the PSLE in end-Sept. We covet your prayers for Aaron to clear this hurdle to the glory of God. After that, for some family time, fun and bonding, we have planned a short family getaway to relax and rest – if that is even possible with seven children – haha!

As always, a word of thanks is in order. To all who have encouraged us along the way – through your words, prayers and gifts – we appreciate you. It has brought us joy and given us strength to soldier on for the Lord and His kingdom. Until the next newsletter and praise report, let me sign off with the verse that inspired the ministry of Archippus Awakening. For sure, the days are urgent and my prayer is that you too will know what the Lord has assigned to you, that you may be faithful to fulfil it for the glory of His name!

And say to Archippus, “Take heed to the ministry which you have received in the Lord that you may fulfil it.” Colossians 4:17

In His name and for His glory!


2 thoughts on “September 2014

  1. I had prophesied few years back you will have the 8th child and now I know it is the new birth and the birth of Achippus awakening

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