My Call

When I first received my call in 2000, I didn’t know what the Lord had called me to.  All I knew was that I had the passion to tell people about Jesus, and to expound His Word which I have grown to love and cherish.

In 2001, a visiting prophet spoke these words over me:

“The Lord has given you an assignment to bring deliverance to the lives of His children” and “He wants to make you one who is going to speak the Word with power, one who will prophesy.” And later that same year: “The Lord is going to give you a hunger for the Word. There’s going to be a strong prophetic teacher anointing.”

Exciting as it sounded then, I had no idea how that applied to me at all.  After all, I had never healed anyone nor prophesied anything!

In 2003, God directed me to TCA College (then Theological Centre for Asia).  The moment I began fulltime studies, the Lord opened doors for me to preach and to teach, and then to minister at retreats and church camps!  Soon, I was speaking at healing services where I saw the power of God move in tremendous ways.  Prophecy was actually being fulfilled!

Just before I graduated with an MDiv in Nov 2006, Jer 1:17-19 was released over me, confirming an earlier word received in 2003 … to destroy and to rebuild (cf Jer 1:9,10).  Deep in my heart, I knew that God has called me to teach and to preach His word without compromise.  Erroneous doctrines are to be dismantled and God’s principles are to be established through sound, prophetic teaching and preaching.  God is raising His end-time army and His people are to be rightly equipped for His purposes and His Kingdom!

By His grace, the Lord has counted me faithful to put me into the ministry (1 Tim 1:12).  The assignment is clear: to bring Word-based, Spirit-led and Faith-filled teaching to His people.  The enablement is by His Spirit and in the mighty name of Jesus Christ, where accompanying signs and wonders will confirm the preaching of the Kingdom of God!

Find out more about Henson’s present assignment in ARCHIPPUS AWAKENING.

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