David Turns 12

My first-born turned 12 yesterday.  Yes, that also means I’ve been a dad for that long too 🙂  It didn’t seem so long ago when David was born at Mt Alvernia Hospital in 1998.  After a rather long labour (and a lot of prayers), he was vacuumed out.  I still wonder if that medical procedure did anything to contribute to his chronic neck and back pains he has been experiencing.

David's signature grin as he poses with his Tiramisu birthday cake

Well, the birthday boy (young man to me now) requested for a Bak Kut Hae Mee breakfast.  So our entire family made the trip down to Verdun Road and polished off big bowls of pig innards!  SLURP!  Craving for Italian food, David opted for Spageddies for his birthday dinner (something we hadn’t had since the Tanglin Mall branch closed).  The 12 year old had crayfish parmagiana AND spaghetti vongole!  Yep, get ready for bigger food bills!

I didn’t know what to expect when David asked to go to MegaZip (Sentosa) for his birthday outing.  I thought I’d just let the kids attack the rope obstacles and zip down the flying-fox-lookalike thingy.  My adventure started when we found out that the closest carpark to the MegaZip site was nearly 400m away!  Having parked both cars, we began our long trek to the Ticketing Booth UNDER THE HOT HOT HOT SUN!  By the time I reached there, I was so tired and out of breath.  After considering all the options, I ended up getting a ticket for myself for ClimbMax – the aerial obstacle course; as well as a MegaZip ticket so my 5 year-old can tandem with an adult.

All geared up and ready to go!
Finally, the real stuff!

David had good fun, together with Sarah and Aaron, on the course.  Guess it was like a dream come true for him after watching Ninja Warrior on TV 🙂  Both Sarah and Aaron did very well too.  Esther and Ruth waited for us to finish so they could join us for the MegaZip – a 450m cable-ride from Imbiah lookout all the way down to Siloso Beach.  All six of us climbed to the top of the tower where our harnesses were checked before we got hooked up in pairs.  We hung precariously for a while before the attendant released the catch and we began sliding down at top speed!  Must say, it was quite fun!  All too soon, we reached our destination, and the kids all wanted to go again!!  The fast approaching rain clouds saved me and my wallet – haha!  Can you imagine … for ClimbMax and the brief thrill down the MegaZip, the total price tag came up to S$266! … including a buggy ride back up.

Check out the ride down! If only Ruth knew what she was in for 🙂
All smiles before sliding down at megaspeed!!!

All said, it was a fun outing and the weather and timing couldn’t be more perfect.  Although the sun beat down real hard when we arrived, we enjoyed the obstacle course under cloudy skies.  The winds blew as we zipped down to the beach.  It was only after we all got into the car that the rains came!  We drove off and headed for a drink at Vivo City.  After that, the rain stopped and the children were able to enjoy the wading pool for a while before adjourning to Marche for dinner.

A beautiful family picture at VivoCity with Sentosa in the background.

Now, my body is aching from the day’s activities!  Well, the important thing is that David had a good time.  How quickly my little baby has turned into a young man.  I am just so thankful that we still get to spend time together as we serve the Lord in ministry.  I hear of others who lose touch with their kids the moment they get to this age.  To me, it’s only the beginning, for this is when their views, thoughts and values are put to the test.  No longer do they just believe everything that is told to them.  The next years will be a new phase of development … not just physically, but also emotionally, mentally and spiritually.  That also means Serene and I will be exposed to yet another phase of parenting.

David, my son, the Lord has blessed you with many gifts and talents.  No doubt, you are a very bright and intelligent boy.  I am so very proud of you and what you are capable of.  Above all, I am praying for you to know and experience God personally and intimately, beyond what you already know of Him intellectually.  As you journey from boyhood to manhood, may your heart be always inclined towards God and always open for Him to show and teach you new and exciting things!  Blessed 12th birthday, David!

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