Quotable Quotes

These are just some of my Facebook posts and tweets that I personally like. Feel free to copy and share that the same might provoke and encourage more to a closer relationship with God and a deeper walk of discipleship with Jesus:

“It is not the lack of conviction,
but our failure to act on them, that is the problem.”

“When we are not focused on the agenda of God,
we will be distracted by the agenda of the world.”

“Often we don’t realise how closed our minds are
until someone helps us open it.”

“Jesus was never afraid of losing the multitudes
when He preached. Are we?”

“We are either disciples of the world,
or disciples of Jesus Christ. There is no middle ground.”

“Don’t struggle to be a disciple.
Strive instead to know the Master.”

“Each time I teach about the redemptive work
of Jesus, I am overwhelmed by how deserving
I am of death, and totally undeserving of salvation.”

“What you believe affects how you read the Scriptures
which in turn affects what you believe.”

“Isn’t it odd that we presume so many things
about Christianity without ever checking the Scriptures?”

“The psalms remind us that true worship
goes beyond outward expressions and styles
but begins deep within the inward positions of our hearts.”

“Contrary to popular belief, the Christian walk is not
about people who seem to have it all together,
spewing catchy clichés and living the perfect life.
Rather, it is about imperfect people trusting
in a perfect God who helps them hold it
all together by His awesome grace! Hallelujah!”

“When the devil tries to get you running scared,
you know it’s because you’ve already got him running scared.
So pray on, press on, move on.
You already have the victory in Jesus Christ!”

“It boggles me that if salvation is of eternal consequence,
why do we treat it with such casualness?”

“It’s one thing to declare our love and gratitude for the cross.
It’s totally another to carry it.”

“Christlikeness is both character and commission.
How we tend to focus on one and neglect the other.”

“We are wrestling for a blessing only to find
that the blessing is in the wrestling.”

“So often, we think we are holding on to God
when in actuality, He is holding on to us.”

“When Peter stepped out of the boat, he experienced
Jesus as Author and Finisher of his faith.”

“A word of assurance from Jesus calms the storm;
a word of action enables you to walk to Him on water.”

“A word of encouragement steadies the boat;
a word of enablement empowers you to step out of it.”

“NEVER let anyone undermine your little faith.
When directed at Jesus, you can walk
on water and move mountains!”

“How often we’ve made it all about us
when it is all about Jesus.”

“May we understand the difference
between resting from the pressure of work
and working from a position of rest.
It’s not either/or but both/and.”

“Resting in the Lord does not mean doing nothing.”

“It’s not anger management you need
but Spirit Management.”

“A Pharisee seeks to justify himself by obeying the Word.
A disciple in being justified by Jesus seeks to obey the Word.”

“Is it not too convenient that each time
we refuse to live by the Word, we readily flash
and play the grace card?”

“Just because I’m not one to run from challenges
doesn’t mean I don’t know how to pick my battles.”

“Empty vessels make the most noise.
And as if that’s not bad enough, they echo.”

“Ministry is like swimming laps.
Sometimes, it feels like you’re going nowhere
and getting no work done but you’re still making waves,
keeping toned and even developing muscles.”

“I am totally convinced that you can be
as hermeneutically accurate and people will still hear
and believe what they want to hear and believe.”

“We must be careful not to allow our ministry
for God to define our relationship with Him.
Instead, it must be our relationship with Him
that defines our ministry for Him.”

“We forgive by faith, not by feeling.”

“You don’t fully appreciate solid rock
until you have experienced sinking sand.”

“A walk with Jesus not only helps you celebrate
coincidences as divine but also to understand
them as sovereign checkpoints towards all
He has planned for you.”

“Just when you thought you’ve experienced
the power of God, the Spirit whispers in your heart,
‘You ain’t seen nothin’ yet.'”

“I don’t want to just do ministry.
I want to be doing what the Lord has tasked me to do.”

“Biblical declarations may sound positive.
But without Christ, it’s just another motivational chant
and you’re still relying on yourself.”

“The reminders to pray may sound cliché,
but truly, there is no other way.”

“STRESS is simply messed up RESSST.”

“There is a need to discern between
condemnation & conviction: the former paralyses you
in self pity; the latter moves you to godly piety.

“We must learn once again to raise people
to fulfil the purposes of the Kingdom,
not to fill positions in the church.”

“I’ll be the first to admit:
It’s easier to sign up for a programme
than to seek God for an assignment.”

“Until & unless we realise the magnitude of our sin,
we will never truly & fully appreciate
the magnificence of God’s salvation through Jesus!”

“Stop looking for a church that’s perfect.
Look instead for a church that’s going on to perfection.”

“Isn’t it sad that people with blind spots are usually deaf too,
but definitely not mute?”

“Learn from the past. Look to the future.
But live in the now.”
“Our expressions of hope for each new year
means little and remains uncertain until that hope
is found and securely anchored in Jesus.”

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