Christianity is a Relationship

Shortly after I started work for Bro Henson in 2002, I fell into a pit hole in my life. I was diagnosed for depression and was on medication. I had attempted suicide several times and was also involved with occult practices for 6 years then.
Bro Henson encouraged me and prayed for me often. However, I was hesitant to invite Christ into my life again because I didn’t think I was able to live to the “high standards” of being a Christian. All I could think of was a list of ‘Dos’ and ‘Don’ts’ for Christians.

Bro Henson was patient and persistent. He encouraged me step-by-step and led me to understand that Christianity is not a religion but a relationship with God. He knew I had exhausted all the ways I knew to put my life together. He asked me what loss would it be to give God a chance? I thought about it. After all, my life was already messed up. He was right, I had nothing to lose.

Bro Henson led me through the sinner’s prayer and a renunciation of my occult involvement. We burnt all the occult materials I had and he said to me “Sister, your life will be different from this day on”. I remembered thinking to myself “Ya right”. But I have to say, he was right again. My life was never the same again! Right after that, I went back to my room and instantly, I sensed something different. That oppressive feeling of suffocation seemed to have lifted off. Although everything in the natural looked the same, my room felt different. The air seemed cleaner, freer. That very night, my mum entered my room and asked me, “Did you clean your room today? It feels cleaner.” All glory to God!

Over a period of one and a half years, Bro Henson patiently walked me through the Discipleship studies and taught me how I can establish a relationship with God. His teaching sessions broke all perceptions that the Bible is boring and irrelevant. He brought truths that I had never seen before. He expounded on the Word of God and made it so simple and easy to understand. Most of all, he made the Word of God practical to me. Over time I saw more and more of God revealed. I was inspired as I saw him walk the talk even through the way he managed his business. I told myself, if God could speak to him so clearly and personally, I too believe that this same God can speak to me in such a personal way. I gave it all to seek the Lord with Bro Henson’s guidance.

Today, I’ve been blessed with a God-loving husband. I’ve served as a full time ministry staff in the church for the last 1.5 years. I’m currently in Bible school and have committed my life to serve this great God who gave me a second chance to live my life anew. All that was taken away, He gave me back, more than I expected. All that I’ve desired He gave without holding back. All that tore me apart, He took it all. My Savior gave me a brand new life in Christ. All glory to God!

Wendy Oh
Toa Payoh Methodist Church


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