My Helpmeet

Even before I knew I would be in fulltime ministry, God had already prepared a helpmeet for me.  Looking back, I can only marvel at the hand and providence of God in my life, and that of my wife, Serene. From the time we met in 1989, to our marriage in 1995, and on a day-to-day basis, God has led us in our marital relationship every step of the way.

As my helpmeet, Serene is my strongest pillar in every aspect of my life and my ministry.  When the Lord called me into fulltime ministry, Serene was in total support of the call as well as the lifestyle and journey of faith we had to embark on. With her full blessings, the answering of the call was made that much easier.  With her partnership, I am deeply appreciative of how we can chat, share and pray with together through both pleasant and difficult situations.

Serene is not only my dear wife, but also the mother of our seven lovely children.  I often remark that Serene went into fulltime ministry way before I ever did.  Soon after the birth of our first child, Serene made the decision to be a Stay-At-Home-Mom, one I fully support and appreciate as I observe and witness the benefits and rewards (but not without its sacrifices, struggles and challenges) in the lives of our children.  Today, because of what she does at home, I have total peace of mind to do what needs to be done in the ministry.

I give all praise and glory to God as I see the wonderful work He has begun in Serene. When we first met, Serene was not a Christian.  As we prepared for our wedding in 1995, Serene accepted the Lord and was baptised in Nov 1994.  The Lord put her on a fast track, preparing her for motherhood in 1998. As her relationship with God deepened, her faith grew and her convictions strengthened.  Standing as a redeemed child of God, Serene has personally gone through supernatural childbirths by the grace of God.

Serene has her own website, Building Up Moms, where she shares her personal experiences as a wife and mother.  Those who have visited her website have been greatly impacted and encouraged.


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