Blessed By Your Sharing

Dear Bro Henson,
My name is Mabel Lui. You were first introduced to me (as Bro Henson) during a lunchtime fellowship meeting at Fairfield Methodist Church in Jan 2008. The Lord used you mightily then and I was richly blessed by your sharing of God’s Word. 
Some time last year, I had this hunger for God’s Word, I wanted to know and learn more about God and His Word. I rang Covenant Vision School of Ministry to see if I could make it for the classes in 2010. Unfortunately I could not commit for the whole year and I did not sign up. However, all was not lost. When I was going through your website, I discovered your MEDIA CENTRE. Thank God for your team of dedicated fellow workers who have contributed so much to setting up, maintaining the centre and uploading all the precious Word of God faithfully week after week. I am one of the many beneficiaries of their giving to the Lord in this area. I make it a point to include hearing from God through your Media Centre as part of my Quiet Time with the Lord each weekday morning when I am in the office.
On Friday evenings and sometimes on Saturday afternoons when only my husband and I are at home, I will ‘broadcast’ the sermons on our laptop using portable speakers so that my husband too will receive ‘fresh manna’ from the Lord.
Infact I feel very much part of your Covenant Vision Christian Church family now after logging onto your Media Centre for so many months.(I love the laughter of a particular sister each time the speaker cracks a joke) 

I am grateful to God for sending you to Fairfield Methodist Lunchtime Fellowship and for CVCC. This is definitely not by coincidence, it is our God who loves me so much, knows my needs well in advance and has arranged for me to attend Fairfield Methodist Lunchtime Fellowship in Oct 2007 so that when you came in Jan 2008, I was there to receive. What an Amazing God !
God shows me many of His truths through the teachings of Rev Francis, your goodself and also some of your invited guest speakers. I must confess I have been a Christian for so many many years, read many of the books and verses in the Bible before, yet I have such limited / little knowledge of my God. I feel like a little toddler in the Lord ! How come I did not know all these before !!

God dealt (He is still) graciously with me in His own special way the last few months. I know deep down, I have a new encounter with the Lord and I am slowly but surely changing and growing in the Lord. I can sense that I am now more sensitive to Him, learning to hear when He speaks to me. I have a long way more to go to be just a little more like Jesus. I will persevere to let go of myself, let Him be Lord and grow in His likeness. Please keep me in prayers as I journey with the Lord, thanks.
Thank You Rev Henson for coming to the market place to minister to the many office workers here. Many of us have been blessed by your ministry.
Thank you Rev Francis for your willingness to share your life and your special anointing with many all around Spore and in other nations. 
Thank you CVCC Media Centre Team very much for sharing your talents and time such that many outside CVCC can be blessed by our Lord through the teachings of your wonderful pastors, leaders and guest speakers.  
All Glory to our Lord Jesus and to Him alone only
God Bless,
Mabel Lui
Faith Assembly of God

P.S – very happy to see you again yesterday at the Lunchtime Fellowship. 


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