Showers of Blessing

As part of Covenant Vision School of Ministry’s Certificate programme, students have to attend a 2D1N Encounter Weekend.  This year’s was theme was “Send Your Rain” and a total of 70 participants came together to seek the Lord for a fresh outpouring of His Spirit.  Interestingly, throughout the entire week leading up to the weekend, it rained and rained.  I rejoiced in my heart … first in the natural, then in the spiritual!

"Ask the Lord for rain in the time of the latter rain." Zech 10:1

Well, we did ask for the Lord to send His rain; and boy, did we receive it!  When the Lord sends His rain, it doesn’t just drizzle … it pours!  Awesome … during worship, during teachings, during prayer, during ministry … buckets and buckets of rain … heavy showers of His goodness, mercy, love and blessings.

From 'getting to know one another' to 'praying for one another'.

From the word ‘go’ on Saturday morning, the Lord’s presence was with us.  Whether just an admin instruction or an ice-breaker activity … the Lord was there.  Hearts were so eager and so open to His leading and prompting.  Everyone was so hungry and so expectant.  We just knew God was going to move and work powerfully.  When Sis Trisha began the first session of worship, she stood there overwhelmed and found it difficult to speak.  Later, another sister encouraged her that she saw a huge dove hovering just above her!  Every worship session was so uplifting as we exalted Jesus and declared His Name and Kingdom!  Praise God for all the anointed worship leaders in Sis Trisha, Pastor George and Pastor Jun.

And with our hands lifted up we will worship the King

I am so, so awed by God’s leading in the teaching sessions.  The speakers did not discuss their topics at all.  Each was given the theme and as we sought the Lord, He led each of us so beautifully.  Rev Francis Khoo opened with a strong reminder that the Spirit is given so that we can be empowered to fulfil the mission of the Kingdom, that we can also be enabled to live Kingdom lives.  Bro Jacob Sim was next, and he shared from the depth of his heart.  He encouraged everyone with the assurance that God’s promise is sure and the latter rain will come.  But in the meantime, we must keep on keeping on, keep on believing, and keep on doing what we are each called to do.

That baton was handed to me and I released what I sensed the Lord was saying to the church in this critical season.  I simply took over from where Bro Jacob left off.  To keep on keeping on, we are to prepare and renew our minds, which leads to obedience, which pushes us towards holiness.  The key that would keep us on track would be the fear of the Lord.  A challenge was then made for all who desired to be Elijah Christians (as opposed to Ahab Christians).  When they responded to the altar call, the Lord took over.  I sensed such a strong presence, and when I shouted and declared, “He is coming, He is coming, He is here!” some went under the power of the Spirit without even anyone laying hands or praying.  After that, it was so easy.  We just allowed God to move and to minister, and so many were touched by His love and presence.

Standing up to be counted as Elijah Christians, readying themselves as they hear "the sound of abundance of rain." 1 Kings 18:41
When the rain came, many ended up on their knees, on the floor, soaking in His presence.

The next day, Rev Wilfred Png took to the pulpit and he promptly took over from where I stopped the night before … the fear of the Lord.  It was a wonderful time of exploring Scriptures and being convinced and convicted of God’s promises those who know what it really means to fear Him.  For too long, the church has rationalised and minimised the fear of the Lord.  I believe this is such a word in season and it carries a very strong anointing for all who would receive it in their hearts and spirits.  Rev Francis Khoo came on for the final session and issued another strong challenge for all to be raised up for God’s endtime purposes.  One by one, the participants came up and knelt at the altar, offering and yielding their lives to the Master.

I want to run to the altar, to catch the fire ...

The Encounter Weekend ended on a very high note with many testimonies of how each encountered God in very special and personal ways.  This is indeed no surprise at all.  When we make time to meet God, He is always ready to meet with us!  What fun it is to just frolick in His rain like little children.  One sister even had a vision of pools of water and she was having such a great time swimming and splashing around.

What a weekend it has been!  As I write this post, I am still so overwhelmed by the goodness and faithfulness of God.  I am deeply humbled by how He allows us to partner Him in the work of the Kingdom that we can share in the joy of seeing breakthroughs in lives.  Thank You, Lord, for sending Your rain!  And yet, this is only the beginning of more to come.

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