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Hi, I am Henson Lim.  I’m a Christian serving the Lord Jesus Christ in fulltime ministry, dedicated to awakening the saints to know and fulfil their God-given kingdom assignments through the ministry of Archippus Awakening. On the homefront, I am husband to a lovely godly woman, Serene, and father to seven beautiful children.

Read about My Core ConvictionsMy Call, My Helpmeet, My Household.

When I received the call to serve the Lord “fulltime”, I stepped out on 1 Jan 2004 to study at TCA College from which I graduated on 26 Nov 2006 with a Master of Divinity.  My training, however, was not confined to classrooms and lectures. In preparation for the ministry that was to come, God opened doors for me into various churches and denominations where I gained the necessary experience and exposure as a minister of God and a preacher of the good news.

One of my deepest passions is to spur others to rise above mediocre Christianity that they may live lives worthy of their calls in Jesus Christ.  Born and raised a Christian, I did all things Christian but without the relationship and intimacy with a personal God.  All I had was a belief system and nothing more, resulting in a straying away from God for 11 years where I pursued my own ambitions, dreams and desires in the world.

All this changed when God drew me back in 1994. With the eyes of my heart opened and a hunger that stirred deep within, I embarked on a new spiritual pilgrimage with exciting and eventful discoveries and experiences with an amazing and awesome God. It is with this passion that I share and teach, urging and exhorting others to know God personally and intimately, beyond mere liturgies, doctrines and credo beliefs.

I am fully convinced and convicted that there is no other Truth than that contained in God’s Word.  However, you will agree with me that knowing the Truth and living the Truth can remain separate concepts unless one willingly submits himself to the Lordship of Jesus Christ and the transforming work of the Holy Spirit.


5 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Rev. Henson,

    Thanks for your “marathon” run on quite a challenging subject last night at BRMC.

    Albeit taking notes, it would be a real blessing if a recording would be available. Need to listen and comprehend with the help of the Holy Spirit on how to get out of the BIIIIG mess I’m in.

    No my will but HIS, to JESUS be ALL the Glory!

    Richest Blessings.


  2. Hello Henson am writing for you cause have read your profile and agreed with your doctrine as a pastor, my prayer is with and as a pastor and your coluge in the vineyard I would love to meet and work with you in the vineyard

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