Filled with the Joy of the Lord

I was experiencing diarrhoea and feelings of nausea the whole of Friday. That evening, I felt really ill with heart palpitations and difficulty in breathing. I was recovering from flu and had been on flu medication the few days before. Throughout Friday night, I had difficulty getting to sleep feeling so sick with all these symptoms troubling me. On Saturday morning, I woke up feeling the same and in fact the diarrhoea got worse. Feeling miserable and weary, I still had to go to work. During my 3 hours of teaching I was constantly feeling pain in my stomach and nausea. However, I managed by God’s grace to get through the day. But by the time I got home I was really exhausted. I took a nap and honestly didn’t feel like going for the Healing Service.

With much reprimanding and persuasion, I went not expecting much. I went up for prayer for a hip/leg problem. When Pastor Henson prayed, I could feel and see the fire coming down. But as he lifted his hands, the fire disappeared.

After the whole meeting, I had a little food and when I reached home, I realized I was not experiencing pain or nausea or any effects of the food. It dawned upon me that the Lord had healed me of my stomach problems instead. I felt as if I had a new stomach, and best of all, I was filled with the Joy of the Lord. The whole night, I could not help but sing Don Moen’s “Thank You Lord”! The next day, even though I still had diarrhoea, I was comfortable and not experiencing any pain. The Joy of the Lord was still with me! GLORY to God!

Georgia Ng
Ang Mo Kio Methodist Church


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