Blessed Through Website

Your website has been such a blessing to me that I have shared it with others. Interestingly, I discovered your website at 2.30am when I could not sleep and for reasons which I cannot explain I logged on to it when I felt the strong urge to check my mail. I have been seeking the LORD for so many areas in my walk with Him and in what I believe is His call on my life and God has spoken to me even as I read your website. I hope that others would be similarly blessed as God speaks to them individually through your website.

I was led to your prayer points and even as I began to pray for you as a prayer partner, God spoke to me through your prayer points. I just knew that as I prayed those prayers for you, I was being guided to pray those prayers in the areas that God has spoken to me about my own life! I see this as a miracle of the morning! I then realised why I had wanted to check my mail at such an hour.

Your website is really about what God has done in your life and is also about what God wants to do in the lives of others, myself for example. God has used your website to impact me in many areas which I have sought Him for! I know that I have been truly blessed!

May the LORD bless you and your family!

Audrey Yeo
Covenant Vision Christian Church


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