March 2010

Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ!  What a joy it is to serve Him and His people!

Can you believe it?  The last time I sent out a newsletter, I was wishing everyone a blessed new year.  And now, almost a quarter of the year has gone by!  Perhaps it’s an “age” thing but I do feel that the days are shorter.  Interesting, that after the 27 Feb Chile earthquake of 8.8 magnitude, NASA scientists commented that the earth’s rotation has shifted, shortening each day by 1.26 milliseconds.

On this same issue, I was grimly reminded of the brevity (and uncertainty) of life when several I knew went home to be with the Lord.  In the post, Life is a Vapor, I reflected, “As I contemplate death, may I always remember that this life I live, each day I have, is a gift from God.  I want to live it well, to serve Him and to serve others that He brings along my path.  That when it is my turn to return home, I would have done and accomplished what I have been placed here to do … to bring glory to God, my Creator; to lead my wife and children in their personal journeys with God; and to touch lives that they too might live for Jesus.”

On 5 Feb, I became a Licenced Solemniser and a Deputy Registrar of Marriages, courtesy of the Registry of Marriages.  What this means is that I am now a public servant of the government with the power and authority to marry couples.  This appointment came a little after I conducted and performed my very first full length wedding ceremony for my Senior Pastor’s son on 9 Jan.  So, I did all the work and Rev Francis signed off on their marriage certificate – haha.  Still, it was a good experience for me, from marriage preparation counselling to pronouncing them ‘man and wife’.

Covenant Vision School of Ministry (CVSOM) went full swing into our new academic year with 35 Certificate students and 19 Diploma students.  I had a great time with the Certificate students when I taught the very first Equipping Course, “Introduction to Christian Ministry”.  The Diploma students were fully engaged in their Student Tutorial Accountability and Relationship Platform (STRAP) where difficult and challenging issues are presented and discussed.  It was a proud moment for me and the School at our 2nd Graduation Ceremony on Saturday 23 Jan held at Parkroyal on Beach Road.  A total of 30 Certificate and 14 Diploma students received their certificates in a simple but memorable ceremony that afternoon.  Rev Francis Khoo, CVSOM’s Founder and President, challenged each graduate to take all they have learnt back to their churches and into their life situations, to make an impact in their communities and in the world.  It was a time of celebration and joy as family and friends rallied around the graduates.

We are now busy preparing for and looking forward to the School’s Encounter Weekend on 27-28 March where 70 of us will come together for a corporate encounter with the Lord.  This year’s theme is “Send Your Rain”, a cry in my spirit and heart since late last year.  I believe we stand poised for a new move of God in these final days where there will be an invasion of His glory upon the earth.  God will send His Holy Spirit once again in a fresh dimension of an outpouring like never before.  If what happened on the Day of Pentecost was “the former rain”, then get ready for “the latter rain”.  What has encouraged me is that the Lord has affirmed this (read post “Send Your Rain”).  We don’t know when it will happen, but we know it will happen!  Pray for us at the weekend.  We are expecting God to meet with each individual at their point of need.  We are praying for His rain in the Holy Spirit to drench us and then to set us all on fire!  Come Holy Spirit!

At Covenant Vision Christian Church (CVCC) and Covenant Vision Centre (CVC), I have been quite active at the pulpit.  Since the beginning of this year, together with Senior Pastor Francis Khoo, the focus has been to re-visit Discipleship and what it really means today in the 21st century.  Discipleship is a much used (and abused) word in the Church and sadly, this has deceived many into thinking they are disciples when they are not.  Check our “Follow Me 1-2-3” and “Making Disciples” at

Presently, I am teaching “The Disciple’s Prayer: PRAY LIKE THIS” at CVCC.  It is a 5-part exposition on The Lord’s Prayer (more aptly referred to as The Disciple’s Prayer).  Consider joining us this Sunday for Part 3: Provision for the Mission.  You can listen to “That’s My Dad” and “Invite the Kingdom” at our media centre.  I started a Bible Study 12-part series on Philippians:It’s All About Jesus on 5 Feb at CVC’s Spiritual Growth Seminars on Friday nights.  Part 5: Keys to Promotion will be delivered on 23 April.  With guest speakers in between, the series will stretch all the way to August, with the final session on 6 Aug.  Past messages are uploaded at our media centre too.

With my increased involvement at Covenant Vision, I have not been ministering at other churches as before.  That said, I will be speaking at Grace Methodist Church’s Healing Service next Wednesday 24 Mar.  Please pray for me as I avail myself as the Lord’s mouthpiece and instrument.  May His glory be revealed through signs and wonders that confirm the preaching of His Word.  On Saturday 24 Apr, I will be conducting a half-day “Building a Household of Faith” seminar for Living Water Methodist Church.  Please pray for the Lord to impact families that will in turn touch others around them.

Back at home, we celebrated a few birthdays … for Ruth who turned 5 on 26 Feb (sharing the same birthday as my mother … for my father who turned 70 on 1 Mar … and for Anna Joy who turned ONE on 12 Mar.

David and Sarah both appeared on television on the gameshow SPELLCAST.  Last weekend, David participated in a roadshow to promote the programme.  The children are all growing and that presents new dynamics for Serene and myself.  We are still trying to figure out the right balance for everything and everyone!  In the middle of everything, Serene and I marked 15 years of being married on 11 March.  As you will read from the post, we didn’t have much of a celebration.  We are just thankful for one another and for how the Lord is blessing our marriage and sustaining us by His amazing grace.

Thank you for reading this rather lengthy update.  This is just my way of keeping in touch with all my friends and to also hold myself accountable to all of you.  Your prayers and support have been a source of encouragement to Serene and myself.  To this end, we will never tire of saying “thank you” over and over again.  We praise and thank God for co-labouring with us, and for upholding us in your prayers.  As you have blessed us in your own special way, we are confident that our God will bless you in His special and abundant ways too!


8 thoughts on “March 2010

  1. Happy belated Anniversary to you Ps Henson & Serene. Happy birthday to Ruth/Anna Joy and all your love ones who celebrated their birthday in March…thanking God for all the happy moments and celebrations..what a wonderful God we serve! Thank you for your newsletter, i’m blessed to read about CVC church, Senoir Pastor Francis and all that God is doing. My prayers and blessings to you and family… from jenny (HRP dance)

  2. wow! great to hear from you, Bro Henson. Good to hear that God is blessing you in so many areas of your life.
    Miss you guys. Hope to be able to attend CV’s service on Fridays but it’s either occupied by cell grp meetings or am too tired after a long school CCA day! Really wish to hv more time next year by going part time teaching. Pray for me. Thanks.

    Patrick Low

  3. Yeah it is giving glory to God all the time cos it is all about Him. Thanks for the encouraging update. Patrick and I together with our younger son have been living in Melbourne for 2 years now. We’ve seen the worst summer, winter and recent hailstorm. I was mediating on Romans 5:7-8 – Remembering Good Friday and Easter round the corner indeed God is trustworthy cos His love for us is unconditional. Patrick and I will be back in Singapore at Riverlife Church conducting kids services on Good Friday. God is good all the time!

  4. simply an amazing journey with God! May God continue to extend your cords and the influence of His presence in and through you.

    Hey, what about visiting Brisbane Australia????

  5. Hi Ps. Henson,

    It’s great to hear from you. Belated congrats. on the childrens’ birthday and your 15th. anniversary. Wow, ‘bagus yeh, skarang you ‘boleh kow-en lian orang yah’.
    Sure missed your teachings, do look forward to your lessons, thanks.
    Will be going to Kathmandu on 31st. March for a mission trip.

  6. Wowww!!
    Ps Henson, these updates (spiritual/family) are fantastic!(Considering the fact that you are busy with your tight/hectic work/family schedules!)
    Enjoyed reading the details!
    To think that I only have a 9-year old daughter and I’m already soooo pre-occupied with her, ie. the endless bonding sessionsss with her, etc etc etc…
    Hmmm…loadsss to learn from you in juggling with work and family!(Work Life Balance…?)
    God Bless you/family, Senior Pastor Francis & Sister Shirley(who have both been a ‘pilllar’ in my life…) and all at Covenant Vision Centre!
    Blessings~Sharon & Frankie~

  7. Thanks for sharing so much with us. It is incredible how you can find so much time and energy to do all the things that you do!

  8. Pastor, Doors are opened for ministry as the Lord leads. Where He directs is where the work of God are most needed. Great to see how God’s hand is leading you and is upon you. – Lye Whatt

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