Esther Turns 7!

Our No.4 turned 7 over the weekend!  And since we didn’t want to jostle with the crowds on a Saturday (being also Labour Day), we chose to go for her birthday outing a day earlier, on Friday.  Knowing that Esther loves horses, Serene came up with a brilliant suggestion for the outing.  We checked out Gallop Stable at Pasir Ris Park and found that the children can feed the ponies as well as go on a ride.

Enroute to Pasir Ris, we stopped by our standard breakfast venue at Jalan Kayu where Esther tucked into a delicious banana prata.  The drive to Gallop Stable was very pleasant along the TPE.  Also, no problem with finding the place right at the end of Carpark C of Pasir Ris Park.

Esther, braving the sticky and slimy nibbling of the pony!

The children had good fun feeding the pony – yes, only one pony who readily gobbled up everything from their little palms.  After that, everyone took turns to ride the horse … pony, actually.  The birthday girl got to go two rounds and thoroughly enjoyed it 🙂

We had nice clear blue skies, which means HOT HOT HOT!

On Saturday, Esther picked Jack’s Place AMK for her birthday dinner (she enjoys the steak there).  However, being a public holiday, it was packed.  When we walked through the door, they were just putting up a sign to warn diners that orders will take about 30mins to be served!  That was a no-go for us so we went to Swensens at Thomson Plaza instead.  After dinner, we went home to cut Esther’s birthday cake.

What a beautiful picture of three sisters!

How my little Esther has grown!  She is such a sweet girl with a very sharp mind and a great sense of humour (although that was once she couldn’t take a joke – haha).  As with the others, the Lord has great plans for her.  Her spirit is also very sensitive to bible lessons.  What encourages me is that she remembers what she learns and also makes every effort to apply the principles.

Dear Lord, keep Esther in your perfect love and care.  Teach and lead her so that she will discover your plans for her.  Allow her to experience and to know You deeply and intimately.  May she grow up into a woman after Your heart, to serve You and to honour You wherever she is, in whatever she does!  Amen!

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