God’s Fresh Anointing

Hello my dear brother

First of all I would like to thank our dear Almighty God for His awesome visitation in the Filipino service last Sunday.

The truth was – there was an issue among few members a week before Sunday and I was feeling upset that it would hamper their church attendance. To my surprise, they were there – humbling themselves, crying, kneeling and so hungry to be touched by our Lord. Everybody received God’s fresh anointing!

After service, love and forgiveness overflowed! Pride has been swallowed, hurts have been accepted and the truth prevailed! I know and I believe it was the power of the Holy Spirit that melted their hearts on that day.

Thank you brother for your love to us. Thank you for giving us the time to share the mighty Word of the Lord. You are indeed a blessing to the Filipino Congregation. We thank God for you. We do pray our Lord Jesus Christ will repay you and your whole family back hundred folds as you serve His people.

Looking forward to partner with you again soon.


Sis Josefa Firmacion
Full Gospel Assembly Filipino Fellowship


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