Impacted by Palm Sunday Message

Rev Henson, my dear brother in the Lord.

Thank you! for your message* last sunday. The scene painted by you about Palm Sunday had such a profound effect on me.

This is my 15th Holy Week as a believer, and this is one that is so different from the past 14. I had  an indifferent attitude previously; I was more interested in Resurrection Sunday.

There is a greater sense of repentance in me about what Jesus did … and past few days I was actually asking the Lord what He was doing on that particular Monday and Tuesday. Perhaps that Tuesday, He went to clean out the temple. It calls for the re-reading of these scenes in the Gospel every day this week.

So thank you thank you thank you.

I am indeed blessed!

Tan Lee Buay
Covenant Vision Christian Church

*The Palm Sunday message on Sunday 17 Apr 2011, “Enter In”, is available at Covenant Vision Media Centre.


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