July 2019

Yes, I know. It is already the month of August. I am one day late in getting this newsletter out. Yes, I know. I had the entire month of July to write, but didn’t. I admit. No excuses at all.

Well, I’ve been … I’ve had things to do (grin). Quite a few actually. And by the time I realised that July newsletter had still not been written, it was too late.

That said, it’s never too late to give praise to the Lord and to recount His love and His grace. To this end, I urge you not to dwell on my tardiness. Instead, join me in thankfulness as I share His faithfulness over the past two months!

June is traditionally church camp season. As an itinerant speaker, I am grateful for invitations to speak at such gatherings.

My first assignment was with Woodlands Evangelical Free Church at Swiss Garden Hotel, Malacca (3-6 June). I had a two-day break before leaving for Malacca again on 9 June, this time to Hatten Hotel with Bethesda Katong Church (9-12 June). This little window allowed me to spend some time with Serene as well as be around for Deborah Hope’s 12th birthday (the last in the Lim Tribe birthday series; children edition).

Thanks to the understanding of BKC leaders, they arranged for me to leave before the main body on the morning of 12 June so that I could have a few more hours to recover and repack for the next camp. Early the next morning, I reported for duty at Bukit Panjang Methodist Church (13-15 June) and left for Pulai Springs, Johor Bahru, for my third assignment in two weeks.

Although I declared the same message of Archippus Awakening at these camps, we stand amazed (Wai Yee & Fayth (WEFC); Siew Hoon & Lay Leng (BKC)) at how the Lord awakened and ministered to each local congregation so personally. What was extra special for me was the opportunity to co-labour with ACS old boys – my 1980 cohort* – at these camps: Lim Kee Oon (senior pastor, WEFC), Lau Te Neng* (elder, WEFC), Khoo Teng Cheong* (church council chairman, BKC) and Rev Lek Yong Teck* (pastor-in-charge, BPMC). Only God could have reconnected us after all these years for the purposes of His kingdom and for His glory! The best is yet to be.

After the camps, this old man … took forever to recuperate! Eeks, who scheduled the next session of KINGDOM101 on 26 June?! Pressing on, I taught the 93rd session of this expository journey, introducing the kingdom parables of Matthew 13 (yes, we finally got to Matthew 13!) through the teaching entitled “kOS” or “Kingdom Operating System”.

Then came the next highlight … drum roll … Serene’s 50th birthday!

To celebrate, the Lim Tribe had planned a simple 4D3N getaway to Club Med Bintan. We like this resort because it is a no-brainer, no-need-to-plan-or-think, everything-is-included, not-too-far venue. What this means is that Serene and I can relax a little as the children partake of the offerings and food (did we mention that it’s all-day buffet makan?).

Just when we started getting used to the idyllic lifestyle, it was time to return to Singapore on Thursday, and to my preaching schedule … Friday (Tanglin Fellowship), Saturday and Sunday (Full Gospel Assembly).

By this time, planning and preparation for AWE2019, Archippus Awakening‘s 6th Awakening Event, had ramped up as the closing date for registrations drew near. The days and weeks zipped by so quickly. Before we knew it, 101 participants from 43 local churches assembled at AWE2019, Swiss-Belhotel Harbourbay Batam, over the weekend of 26-28 July. (But not before running 5km in the Unlabelled Run (first time ever!) on 20 July, preaching at Salem Chapel on 21 July and teaching “Sow How?” at KINGDOM101 on 24 July.)

I am still panting from this assignment (and the 5km run) but my heart is so very full. What a joy to serve alongside my fellow soldiers in Team Archippus! What a privilege it is to serve the saints that more will know and fulfil their God-given kingdom assignments!

I may be late to get this newsletter out. But truly, it is never too late to praise and thank the Lord for how He has led me through these two months and how He will lead me forward in the days ahead.

August is a special month. This Saturday, 3 August, will be Archippus Awakening’s 5th Anniversary. And three weeks’ after that, God willing, yours truly will turn 55.

As I reflected in my previous update,

That’s the reality! With each passing day, we don’t have more time or energy; we have less! For this reason, it really matters how we live for the Lord. As I grow older, as I prepare to turn 55 soon, I realise that I no longer have the luxury of wasting time or energy on things or activities that do not have eternal significance. I want to only do what matters to Jesus and His kingdom and I want to do it well, with whatever time and strength I have left.

May 2019 Newsletter

Indeed, I am very thankful that the Lord has given me more than enough to do. In Archippian parlance, we call these kingdom assignments. My prayer is that I carry these out faithfully for the sake of Jesus and His name. Even if I had missed writing a newsletter for July, that would still be ok … as long as I never miss fulfilling anything the Lord has assigned to me.

Dear friends, thanks for reading these updates over all these years and for supporting me on this journey. Although it is not always easy or convenient to write and post, I make a special effort to do so because this is my way of being accountable to all of you as you pray for me, Serene and our children.

Until the next update – perhaps I should set a reminder for myself – may the Lord bless and enable you and your loved ones as you commit yourselves entirely to Him for His purposes and His glory!

In His love and by His grace