January 2017


A very blessed new year to you!

If 2016 was termed the Year of Disruption, who knows what 2017 will be like? Perhaps, the Year of Even More Disruption?

Already, in January, there are two dates of great significance. On 15 January, 70 nations will gather in Paris to determine if the land of Israel is to be divided, to make way for a Palestinian state. And on 20 January, president-elect Donald Trump will take office as the 45th President of the United States of America. Both of these are key events that will set the tone for the rest of 2017, with the potential to change the entire course of the world. For better or for worse.

Ironically, 2017 will be the 50th anniversary of the Six-Day War (5-10 June, 1967) which Israel won and secured more land. For Protestants, it would be 500 years since Martin Luther nailed his 95 theses on the door of Wittenberg Castle Church on 31 October, 1517. Could 2017 hold something more for both Israel and the Church?

The beginning of the year is also when prophetic voices ring the loudest. From churches, to ministries, to self-professed prophets, almost everyone has a word for the year, that 2017 would be the Year of [insert something positive and hopeful]. Personally, having heard so many of such ‘words’ over the years, I find myself wondering which are truly from the Lord, and which are merely church themes, general words of encouragement, personal hopes, or a Christianised version of new year’s resolutions. For sure, as the world grapples with fake news, we have to deal with prophetic utterance of all sorts! If it’s anything we need these days, it’s the spirit of discernment.

With all these, how am I entering this new year?

Well, after a very full and fulfilling 2016, I have decided to start 2017 by resting. Yes, we Christians are a privileged lot – that in the amidst of global upheavals and uncertainties, we can still rest secured in the Lord! It’s a much needed time of pulling away as I posture for what has been prepared for me and Archippus Awakening in the months ahead. It’s been a week of ‘cave time‘, of taking things a little bit more easily and I am really enjoying it. This also allows me the space to process things and events more carefully and sensitively, that I may share these perspectives to guide others on their journeys.


For The Lim Tribe, 2017 will be another PSLE year (our 5th!) – it’s Ruth’s turn. But for this 1st quarter, it’s ballet exams for Sarah, Ruth, Deborah Hope & Anna Joy. David continues with his next phase of National Service. Aaron just turned 15, reaching the age for NRIC application, and really improving in table tennis too. Esther’s online venture has gone ‘live’! – check out the offerings on Yarn and Ink Creations to support and encourage her and Ruth.


buildingupmoms-websiteAnd for mothers, if you have not visited Serene’s website, Building Up Moms, please do. Responding to the Lord’s instruction, Serene has been obediently – and sacrificially over and above homeschooling and managing the home – writing and posting articles to help and encourage mothers in their kingdom assignments at home. So many have been blessed and encouraged by the authentic articles and tips that Serene shares. LIKE the Facebook Page.

awe2017-16-x-9-formatHow are you starting your year? Allow me to extend an invitation to you. Archippus Awakening is hosting our third 3D2N Awakening Event over the weekend of 17-19 February: AWE2017 [Read about AWE2015 & AWE2016]. If your desire is to be awakened to the things of the kingdom, to be aligned with the heartbeat of the kingdom, and to be assigned to the purposes of the kingdom, would you prayerfully consider joining us to start 2017 on the right footing? Register at www.tinyurl.com/awe2017

In closing, allow me to wish you a very blessed 2017 again.

The outlook may not be exactly optimistic, but let us be reminded that our hope is not in the things of this world, but in Jesus, our Christ who is coming soon. However 2017 might be, it is still only one year in light of the eternity we look forward to. However events turn out, we rest, knowing that everything is moving according to what the Lord has allowed, according to His prophetic timeline. Our part, in Archippus Awakening language, is that we are found faithful in all that has been assigned to us.

“And say to Archippus, take heed to the ministry which you have received in the Lord that you may fulfil it.'” Colossians 4:17

In His love and for His glory!