Pain in Shoulder Gone

Glory to God ! During our Healing Service on 31th Oct 07, Bro Henson said the Lord wanted to heal those with shoulder/arm pain and asked them to step forward for prayers. As Bro Henson laid hand and prayed for me, I fell under the power of the Holy Spirit. Whilst I was lying on the floor, I started to pray in tongues. The Lord lifted up and swing my left arm in anti-clock wise direction for quite a while. Praise the Lord ! I am healed ! The pain & aching of my left shoulder & arm is gone. As I swing my left arm/shoulder in a circle now, I don’t hear clicking noise and pain and aching is gone too. I have been suffering the heaviness, pain & ache for months but now my arm feel so light now. I am healed. Glory to God !

Percia Lim
Grace Methodist Church


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