July 2015


Dear friends

It’s always a joy to keep in touch with you and to update you of our ministry and journey with the Lord. As always, we pray that this newsletter will bless and encourage you.

Without doubt, the biggest piece of news must be the Supreme Court’s ruling legalizing same-sex marriage across all fifty states in the United States of America. Although I received the news with some surprise, it was not totally unexpected. Amidst the flurry of responses over social media, I penned my own thoughts and shared it via the post “SCOTUS & Same-Sex Marriage: When God Is Reduced To A Penalty Shoot Out”. My little contribution is nothing compared to other commentaries that provide more depth and insight. I just needed to process what had taken place, to make some sense of the seeming chaos that is prevalent in today’s society. Judging from the likes and shares, I believe it has helped others process their own thoughts too.

Interestingly, the SCOTUS ruling happened on 26 June 2015, one day after I returned from speaking at the 3rd and final church camp engagement in June. This development only affirmed what I had been sharing at these camps – that the days are indeed evil and the times urgent. Against this backdrop, the people of God must come out of their slumber and be found faithful in their kingdom assignments.

By the Lord’s leading, each camp theme was chosen and set by the respective church camp committees, paving the way for the message of Archippus Awakening to be openly declared:

  1. “Awakened. Aligned. Assigned.” (Shekinah AG Church)
  2. “Living in the Last Days” (Bartley Christian Church)
  3. “Going Back to Basic: The Heartbeat of God” (Hakka Methodist Church)

By His grace, the response was very positive and the message was well received. As you peruse these camp reports, give glory to God for He is the One who orchestrated and arranged everything!

STA Pre Order Pix

On Wednesday 27 May, we commissioned SAY TO ARCHIPPUS, a book that contains the heartbeat of Archippus Awakening, and the Lord answered by fire! It took a while before I finally acted on the Lord’s prompting to publish it … with fear and trembling. Within one month of the commissioning, we give all thanks and praise to the Lord that SAY TO ARCHIPPUS is entirely SOLD OUT. This is something beyond what we can ask or imagine! No marketing, no distribution, no bookshops. Yet, more than just copies of books sold, I am praying that the Lord will move powerfully in the hearts of those who read SAY TO ARCHIPPUS that these may be awakened, aligned and assigned! A second print run is planned, due August 2015. To pre-order copies for yourself, your church/cell group/friends, email archippusawakening@gmail.com to avoid disappointment. Click HERE for more information about SAY TO ARCHIPPUS.

As I rest and recover from the camps, my mind is already racing ahead to my next assignment. This Saturday, 4 July, I have been given the opportunity to address 70 women leaders through a one-day Leadership Development Seminar for the Women’s Society of Christian Service (WSCS) at General Conference level. By the Lord’s grace, the theme they have chosen is none other than the battle cry of Archippus Awakening: “Awakened. Aligned. Assigned.” I covet your prayers as I share and interact with these leaders of the Methodist Church in Singapore.

After a five-week break for the June holidays and church camp season, KINGDOM101 will resume on Wednesday 8 July, 7:30pm, #11-11 CT HUB. Yes, I am still trying to catch my breath as I brace myself for the second phase of this expository journey – haha! Who knows how many will turn up after a rather long break? Whether one, ten or one hundred, the message must still be prepared and delivered without compromise. The invitation is open to all who desire to know the King, to embrace His kingdom and to receive their assignments. Consider joining us. Click HERE for more details about KINGDOM101 and HERE to catch up on past KINGDOM101 Teachings.

Another exciting development is that I have decided to organise Archippus Awakening’s very own 3D2N Awakening Event (AWE) on 28-30 Aug in Swiss Belhotel Batam. The objective is to train and raise Archippuses who will in turn awaken and align others towards their kingdom assignments. This AWE will be an assembly of Archippuses from different churches and backgrounds coming together for one kingdom purpose. Click for MORE INFORMATION or to REGISTER. Enquiries: archippusawakening@gmail.com or 9323 0779. Closing Date: 31 July 2015. Thank you for your prompt response to facilitate planning and bookings.

AWE Aug 2015 Image

Last but definitely not least, I am pleased to update that our family is keeping well. It was great to have had Serene and the children join me at two of the camps. The Lim Tribe served together whether playing the guitar, singing, operating the projection, taking photos, manning the book table, or simply looking cute. We were encouraged when, more than once, it was remarked that just by observing our entire tribe together and in action, people were blessed. Special mention and credit goes to Serene who worked doubly hard before and during the camps, watching over the children thereby allowing me to minister freely and with focus. (Serene’s blog: www.buildingupmoms.wordpress.com)


As I move into the next weeks of ministry engagements (see Ministry Schedule), I am reminded that as much as it takes discipline to run the race, discipline is also required to rest in between races. Whilst I am thankful for the experience and joy of being on kingdom assignment, I must also guard against pushing myself too hard beyond my own limits. For sure, the times are urgent but our God is not in a rush. May I learn to run according to His timing and to rest wholly in His love and grace. In this regard, thank you for holding me accountable and for praying for us all. We appreciate your love and support as well as your fellowship and co-labour in the work of the ministry. Let us continue to encourage one another to remain faithful to what the Lord has assigned us regardless of how SCOTUS has ruled or how crazy the world will become!

In His love and for His glory



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