It’s All About Jesus

I was excited when I came to know that Ps Henson was going to conduct a book study on Philippians. It was a teaching series of 12 sessions entitled “It’s All About Jesus!” With my bible, my notebook and my pen ready and there I was sitting in front expecting a great time of learning. 

In this series, Ps Henson taught us many wonderful lessons through Paul’s life. For instance; how he focused on Jesus single mindedly even though he was in prison and Ps Henson translated it into today’s context, teaching us how we can imitate Paul in our Christian walk. In every teaching session, he would use examples from the struggles that we faced in real life situations and encouraged us to emulate Paul in our responses so that we can live in Christlikeness. Always armed with questions, he would provoke us to think deeper and challenge us to grow mature in the Lord.

Often times in Ps Henson’s teachings; I would nod my head because I could easily identify with what he has illustrated and strongly agree with what he taught from the Word. I have learnt much about Paul; his relationship with Christ, the conviction & confidence he had in Jesus, his heart for the gospel, his relationship with the Philippi & those with him, their true fellowship in the gospel and especially the way he set his mind on Jesus. 

In one of the teaching sessions, Ps Henson quoted Phil 3:13b “forgetting what lies behind…” He repeated it a number of times. In my heart, I could hear it getting louder and louder. Then from within me, the Holy Spirit said, “Let go of the past, don’t hold it any longer. Do what I have assigned you.” Immediately I knew what He was referring to. He made me realized that it is all about loving & serving Jesus! For I have been wrestling for some time whether to take on an assignment; now that the Lord has spoken, I decided to obey. I took on the assignment and I experienced His Peace & Joy within me.

God has blessed me richly from this series of teaching by Ps Henson. As I reflected on the lessons and repeatedly listened to it again from the website, it dawned on me that the Lord is preparing me as I step into the area of discipleship.

Yes, It’s All About Jesus!

Alicia Chang
Yishun Methodist Mission


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