May 2015

IMG_4241Better late than never. Yes, it’s the month of June but I am just sitting down to pen this newsletter for May 2015. Rather than tell you how busy I have been, allow me to be accountable to each of you as I report on some highlights in the past months – and I will try to be brief – to the glory of God. [Read more…Just a Short Note to Keep in Touch]

On 18 March, KINGDOM101 was launched. We started the expository journey through the gospel of Matthew that we may revisit and rediscover the message of the kingdom of God. Our objectives for this fresh initiative of Archippus Awakening are clear: to know the King, to embrace His kingdom and to receive our assignments. When Phase I ended on 20 May, we had only covered the first two chapters of Matthew. But that’s fine, for we are in no rush at all.


Personally, it has been a challenging task preparing for these weekly teachings amidst other ministry engagements. That said, it has also been totally rewarding. As a teacher of the Word, it gives me no greater joy than to hear that people are learning and having their eyes opened to kingdom perspectives they had never considered before. Needless to say, I myself have learnt so much too. [Read more…KINGDOM101: How has the journey been so far?]

If you’d like a sampling of KINGDOM101, visit KINGDOM101 Teachings for a listing or go directly to the Archippus Awakening Channel on SoundCloud (download the app for even greater convenience). By His grace, we have garnered more than 1,200 plays since offering this audio service! Phase II of KINGDOM101 will start on 8 July, taking us all the way through to the end of November. Do consider joining us on this exciting journey. [Download Phase II Flyer Pg1 & Pg2]


The highest point for me, and Archippus Awakening, must be the Book Commissioning of SAY TO ARCHIPPUS on 27 May. Believe me when I say that this totally caught me by surprise. Although I had written the manuscript a while back, I didn’t have the guts to publish it. It would take a few more prophetic nudgings from the Lord before I finally moved on this humble project. To the glory of the Lord, the response was overwhelming on the night of the commissioning. Filling the hall, more than 150 saints stood with us as we dedicated SAY TO ARCHIPPUS to the Lord’s kingdom purposes – and He graciously answered by fire!

SAY TO ARCHIPPUS essentially carries the heartbeat of Archippus Awakening and what being an Archippus entails. My prayer is that the Lord will cause even more to be awakened, aligned and assigned as they read this book. If you’d like to purchase copies for yourself and your friends, please email archippusawakening@gmail and we will process your order promptly. S$16 per copy (excludes postage & package costs); whilst stocks last.

STA Order Pix

Following the commissioning, I left to speak at Shekinah AG Church Camp in Pulai Springs, JB (30 May – 2 June). This was the first of three camps at which the message of Archippus Awakening would be declared. It was also the very first time that campers were able to bring back SAY TO ARCHIPPUS after listening to the messages. My desire is that these books will help them remember and process the points more deeply as they seek to align with Jesus and be assigned for His kingdom! I covet your prayers as I prepare towards the Bartley Christian Church Zone Camp in Batam (12-14 Jun) and the Hakka Methodist Church Camp in Bintan (22-25 Jun). I stand amazed at how the Lord has opened these doors for Archippus Awakening to be shared.

In the January 2015 Newsletter, I shared that our family would be seeking our next community of worship. We received quite a number of invitations to consider certain local churches and we are most thankful for these and your prayers. We are pleased to share that the Lord has led us back to Full Gospel Assembly. Having met with the pastors, we are encouraged that they understand our ministry and family dynamics, and are fully supportive of how the Lord has led and are leading us.


In a blink of an eye, we celebrated four birthdays in the past months – Anna Joy (6yo), David (17yo), Esther (12yo) and Sarah (15yo)! And this weekend, Deborah Hope will celebrate her 8th birthday. In my interactions, many would ask about our decision to homeschool and how the experience has been. As I watch the children grow up and enter into different age bands, I am so thankful that we have had the joy of having them with us at home. More and more, we see the benefit of having them grow alongside each other, forming relationships and bonds that are so precious. I know it has not always been easy for Serene, the main caregiver and teacher at home. All the more, I appreciate my wife and how she is clear of her kingdom assignment as a wife and a mother. We were all so proud of her when she delivered her very first Mothers’ Day message at Cairnhill Methodist Church on 10 May 2015. [BuildingUpMoms Website]


Thank you for reading this regular update and for praying for us. The journey ahead is truly exciting. We have no idea how the Lord will lead but there is a sense of anticipation as we align ourselves with the purposes of His kingdom. Looking at global events and trends that are unfolding, we understand that the days are evil and the times are urgent. All the more, there is a need to cling to the Lord and to hear His voice clearly, for He alone holds the big picture. We invite you to join us as we join God in what He is doing. Certainly, His kingdom continues to advance and we have that awesome privilege and honour to participate in all He assigns to us!

In His love and for His glory!



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