July 2020

Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ!

Election season is over. Did you get what you voted for? Depending on how you understand this question, the answer could be a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’. In any case, what’s done is done and we must now live with whoever is or is not in Parliament.

If you missed my little Facebook post on Polling Day, here it is once more to remind and also encourage us:

Polling Day, and the results that follow, is a great example of how the free will of Man and the sovereignty of God play out together.

Do we have a choice? Yes. Is God in control? Yes.

Should Christians vote wisely? Of course. But does that mean the results will always be in our favour or according to our desire, however noble or kingdom-sounding? Not necessarily. And if not, is God still in control? Definitely.

We may not have wanted certain authorities to be appointed. But Romans 13:1 reminds us that “the authorities are appointed by God.”

Yet, who cast the votes that tipped the scales? We did. Does God then appoint our selection? Well, in a sense. But how could He do that if these were less than deserving, or worse, would govern against the ways of the kingdom?

That’s how cool our God is. He is not in the least worried about who finally forms the government. We think that only godly leaders can advance the kingdom of God. Read the bible again and you will be surprised to see how God’s plans and purposes continued to be fulfilled regardless of whoever was in power.

By this, I am not suggesting that we vote irresponsibly or carelessly. What I am saying is that we can rest assured that however our choices are exercised, our trust is not in the government that is finally formed but must remain wholly upon our God who will still accomplish His purposes … however we have voted.

What a great and mighty God we serve! (And yes, you still have a choice.)

Blessed Polling Day!

Henson Lim Page, Facebook, 10 July 2020.

Whilst I agree that Christians should be interested in politics and be willing to speak up, I struggle with discerning how much or how loud, and when the line is crossed. It’s really hard to tell when we are truly speaking up for righteousness’ sake or just plain griping and complaining. Are we warning and cautioning rightly or have we merely added to the gossip, rumours and fake news?

As you can tell, I am not much inclined to political talk. To this end, I am also not of the view that if more Christians occupy key positions, everything will go well. To be sure, kingdom conquest is not so much about governmental control than it is about the rule and reign of God in our hearts.

Yes, we are to submit to the authorities. But first and foremost, we are to be submitted to God. If we get this right, then we will live right regardless of who makes up the government. I recall an article about the kingdom perspective of our North Korean brothers and sisters. They never prayed for God to change the leaders or the regime. Instead, they prayed for strength to be faithful and obedient. Wow.

Congratulations to all parties – both the winners and the losers. It’s time to get on with what was promised. In the same way, for believers, we must also get back to our assignments. Regardless the political backdrop, the kingdom of God is still advancing and we have a glorious part to play in all that God is doing in these final hours.

The signs of the times are all around us. And it’s not just about battling Covid-19 or finding a vaccine that we can finally do away with these inconvenient masks. These are merely clear indicators that all is not well, that humanity requires more than a good government with proper checks and balances.

I praise and thank God for what we enjoy in Singapore. That said, respectfully, my trust is not in who governs this Little Red Dot.

In an earlier post, I remarked, “I’d ask everyone to vote for Jesus but that wouldn’t be necessary. He is already the King of kings.” That is the truth. In the kingdom of God, we don’t get to vote Jesus in. He is the King of kings and the Lord of lords. He just is!

This King is coming back to rule and reign in righteousness. That’s the greatest campaign promise, one that will be kept for eternity. We are not asking people to cast their vote for Jesus but to believe in Him and to follow Him. As the Minister of ministers, Jesus has already served us by giving His life for us. When we believe in His salvific work, we are the ones who are elected by grace through faith. And then, we get to serve Him and others we are sent to.

Even as we declare “Majulah Singapura”, may we remember that this will happen in tandem with the advancement of the kingdom of God.

Let’s not get it upside-down. Now that we have elected our own public servants, let us remember our own election as Jesus’ servants. There’s work to be done to prepare many more for the coming of King Jesus.


In His love and for His glory