March 2013


Dear friends, it’s time for another update and my heart is filled with so many issues the Lord has been drawing my attention to in these past months. My own spiritual sensitivity has been heightened and this has become evident in the way I speak, preach and even relate to others. Receive this positively, and you will see it as passion or conviction. But if received negatively, it can come across as impatience and even intolerance. But, in the words of Pastor Mark Driscoll (Mars Hill Church, Seattle), “my job is to present the truth; yours is to make a decision”. And so, I will speak and share as I am led to. My prayer is that those who hear will have ears to hear what the Spirit is saying that these may respond appropriately and accordingly.

Let’s start with a very familiar term: DISCIPLESHIP. This has become quite a buzzword in Christian circles. We talk about it, read books about it, organize seminars and conferences to teach it, but very few live it. In preparing for a sermon series, entitled DISCIPLESHIP REVISITED, I believe I was led to read Scriptures with a fresh view. What I discovered boggled me and challenged a few core beliefs I myself held about Discipleship. This led me to preach “Seven Misconceptions of Discipleship”. Not content with just preaching it – since people hear and forget quite quickly – I took great effort to share these points across nine blog posts. My goal is not to win an argument or to prove anything. Instead, my heart’s desire is to stir more to rise up as true disciples of Jesus Christ!


The next issue concerns MARRIAGES and FAMILIES. In case you are still not aware, these God-ordained institutions are under tremendous attack! When God prompted me to go on a one-week fast, I didn’t understand why but still proceeded out of obedience. The week after the fast, with my spiritual antennae sharpened, the Lord raised my level of awareness as to the demonic influences and seductions surrounding these key institutions of God. Deception is the order of the day, and we need wisdom and discernment in these perilous times. Please note that deception and compromise are already happening from within the Body of Christ. It breaks my heart to hear a prominent pastor openly supporting same-sex marriages in the name of love and grace. My friend, do not take your marriage and family for granted. Fathers, we need to wake up from our slumber and begin to lead our sons and daughters in the ways of God! There is a need to rebuild the walls around our families.

Jeremiah Verse

As I considered and pondered these points, I realised the tremendous role and responsibility I have as a teacher and preacher of the Word. James 3:1 warns, “My brethren, let not many of you become teachers, knowing that we shall receive a stricter judgment.” Now I understand why the Lord impressed the book of Colossians upon my heart as a focus for the year. It’s all about Jesus and it must be Him I preach (Col 1:28)! In a culture that laps up inspirational and motivational jargons, it is so easy to use and abuse the name of Jesus to justify what we want to hear! Even the gospel (good news) has been adulterated. But make no mistake! There is no power to salvation (Rom 1:16-17) in these commercialised gospels! I invite you to listen to David Pawson and be challenged to come back to the True Gospel. Today, there is no lack of sermons and messages in Singapore and on the Internet. Please be careful that you are not led astray, dear friends. Perhaps, this article “7 Traits of False Teachers” from The Gospel Coalition will help you be more discerning. On a personal note, I covet your prayers for me too as I strive to stay true to God’s call for me to preach without compromise, faithfully delivering the fire and hammer of His Word!


All this has made me appreciate the Lord’s leading for our family to march to a different beat, to run at a different pace. Over the years, we have often struggled with homeschooling – it is not easy at all! Only one thing keeps us going – the Lord said to do it. And that’s what we will continue to do, regardless well-meaning comments and questions from Christians and against deriding remarks from those who simply do not understand. We acknowledge that if we don’t disciple our children, the world will do it. Thank you for praying for us. And if you feel the Lord is leading you to do likewise, we will be more than delighted to share our journey with you.


On a lighter note, Serene and I celebrated our 18th Wedding Anniversary on 11 Mar. You can read about our journey, and also get to watch our wedding video (don’t laugh at my hair 18 years ago) in the post. You can also read Serene’s reflections in “18 Years, by the Grace of God”. The Lim Tribe Birthday Series 2013 continued with Ruth and Anna Joy marking their 8th and 4th birthdays on 26 Feb and 12 Mar respectively.


Dear friends, my prayer is that you do not regard this merely as a newsletter update from me. As God’s servant, I believe that what He has shown me would also be what He would want me to show to His people. To this end, please do not miss the prophetic significance of these regular updates. My part is to warn; your part is to respond.

Thank you for journeying with us, and for holding us accountable in our walk and ministry! We appreciate your support in every way and in every aspect of our lives.

In His love and for His glory!


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