Pain Completely Disappeared

Praise the Lord for His goodness and mercy in my life!

I was involved in an accident on 4 May 2008 when a car hit my stationary car from the back; as a result I suffered whiplash injury that took its toll on my daily activities for a long period of time. On the Wednesday of the healing service, I was prayed over during my staff meeting in the afternoon and felt a rush of the Holy Spirit flowing like water down my back and felt a tremendous drop in the amount of discomfort; only then did I begin to realise God was ushering in my healing thirtyfold, sixtyfold then a hundred fold.

As I worship led that night at the gathering that Ps Henson was speaking at, he decided to pray for me and over two rounds of fervent prayer, the pain completely disappeared! Praise The Lord!

Since then I have not been experiencing pain… I’m currently on two months of physiotherapy to loosen up the muscles that were affected in my neck region because of the accident but the pain has gone. All Glory Be To God!

Mervin John
Head of Worship & Creative Arts
Grace Methodist Church


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