May 2020

Shalom! Greetings in the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ!

No, I am not trying to sound spiritual at all. I just want to declare the peace of God over you and to remind us all that Jesus is still the Name above every other name.

I pray that you are keeping well through Circuit Breaker season.

For the Lim Tribe, it has also been a time of adjustment although staying at home is not exactly new to us – thanks to homeschooling and my having worked from home since starting Archippus Awakening. With a household of nine, there have been extremely noisy times when the Lim Tribe ‘worship team’ jams; as well as extremely quiet times when each is engaged in his or her own work or Zoom meeting. We have celebrated two birthdays so far in Circuit Breaker mode, with one more coming up soon. Nothing fancy; just a simple dabao dinner to mark the special occasion.

Ministry-wise, I have also had to adapt and adjust. One thing is clear: the work of the kingdom continues. About a month ago, I felt led to record and release a message entitled, “Don’t Waste the Space“. Since then, this has been shared across different platforms, bringing encouragement and giving direction to the Body of Christ through the four points: Collective Pause, Correct Posture, Conscious Preparation & Coming Play. (Read article)

As I applied the above points across my own Holy Week reflections (Staying Home & Passover Perspectives, Nevertheless, A Thorny Crown), the Lord caused me to start Peri Kingdom 2020 – a 40-day initiative to focus on things pertaining to the kingdom of God – drawn from Acts 1:1-3 (Beyond Resurrection: The Next 40 Days).

Quite a few have joined me on this #perikingdom2020 journey and it’s been exciting, gaining fresh perspectives of the kingdom and learning from one another. If you’d like to know how the Lord has been speaking, hereunder are links to the videos recordings of my Facebook “live” updates:

Instead of counting down to when Circuit Breaker will end, or when this whole Covid-19 crisis will blow over, we are counting up towards Shavuot and Pentecost, believing for a kingdom harvest. Truly, no matter how things pan out, the kingdom of God is still moving forward.

Having settled into their own online rhythms, churches have re-opened dialogues with me, to declare the Archippus Awakening message. Over the next weeks, I will speak at three webinars. May every word ‘zoom’ straight into hearts that many will be awakened, aligned and assigned.

That is not all. Before the month is out, a series of five video messages must be recorded for a church ‘camp’ in June; not forgetting another KINGDOM101 teaching for 27 May. These days, a preacher must also be a producer, director, lightings guy, audio engineer and video editor – all rolled into one! (But quite fun la; learning lots. Thank God for the experience I picked up in my advertising days.)

Without doubt, we are living in extremely exciting times. However disrupted and inconvenienced we may be, let us not miss the significance of the season. As an 11th hour message, Archippus Awakening is always discerning the signs of the times and posturing to hear what God is saying and to see how He is moving. The Covid-19 pandemic may have come as a shock to us but it is no surprise to God at all. He is still in control and achieving His purposes through this crisis and beyond. What’s more, He wants to get the attention of His people so that we can all participate in the advancement of His kingdom. Truly, it is no longer church or business as usual.

I want to take this opportunity to thank you all for praying and supporting us as we serve the Lord in where He has assigned to us. We have been greatly encouraged by those who have made special effort to check on our well-being and to also send meals our way. We give thanks to the Lord for each and every one of you.

Thanks for reading this regular update. God willing, I will get to write the next update from my favourite cafe, sipping on a hot cup of cappuccino. And that you will get to read it from your own favourite space too – whether at home or outside. Until then … don’t waste the space.

In His love and for His glory