A Higher Level of Faith

During the teaching “Hearing God” by Bro Henson, I was very ministered by the following:

When Bro Henson shared experiences about hearing God through object lessons, many past incidents flashed through my mind! It was like… “oh, so that incident pointed to God unfailing love”; and this one was His grace and another one His protection, His peace, His providence, His trust … I was filled with such awe!

After a simple prayer with Bro Henson, I was told to start writing what God is saying to me. It was blank in the beginning! But as I wrote the first two words that came into my mind, my hand could not stop writing. I didn’t even have to pause and think! I kept on writing and at the end, a short beautiful love letter was written to me from God. I was so overwhelmed my eyes filled up with tears of joy and gratitude.

The many tools and ways that I have learnt from the Hearing God teaching have indeed opened my spiritual eyes and heart. This teaching has brought my faith to a higher level and I am able to pray and encourage friends confidently with the “tools” of Hearing God. I want to thank and praise God for it! All Glory to God!

Nancy Lim
Toa Payoh Methodist Church


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