All praise, worship and glory belong to God Almighty for His miraculous and marvelous works by His amazing grace!

“Testimonies” is a section that features reports, reflections and testimonies of people who have been blessed by God through the ministry of Rev Henson.  It is included with the hope that these accounts will encourage you to press in and encounter God in your own lives and situations.

If you have been at services where Rev Henson has spoken or have sat under his teachings, and you would like to share how the Lord has impacted you, simply email Rev Henson at henson@covenantvision.org  Let your testimony glorify Jesus and touch lives for Him and His Kingdom!

It is our prayer that you will be blessed and encouraged as you read these testimonies:

  1. A Higher Level of Faith
  2. Answer Prepared In Advance
  3. Blessed By Your Sharing
  4. Blessed Through Website
  5. Broken Before God
  6. Building Marriages on the Rock
  7. Christianity is a Relationship
  8. Doctor’s Report: Anna Joy
  9. Dr Jesus Healed Me!
  10. Filled with the Joy of the Lord
  11. God Healed My Heart
  12. God Heals Woman’s Eye
  13. God’s Fresh Anointing
  14. Healing Service
  15. I Am Now Pregnant
  16. Impacted by Palm Sunday Message
  17. Inner Hunger Stirred Up
  18. It’s All About Jesus!
  19. Keeping Eyes On Jesus
  20. Learning From Old Testament Series
  21. Leg Lengthened Instantly
  22. Old Truth. New Clarity.
  23. Pain Completely Disappeared
  24. Pain in Shoulder Gone
  25. Specially for Me
  26. Tired Soul Encouraged
  27. Work-Time Christianity

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