Archippus Awakening in Kidapawan City: Proud of My Boys!

When the opportunity was presented for Archippus Awakening to conduct an “Awakened Aligned Assigned” Seminar in Kidapawan City (2-7 May 2018), I asked the children if any would like to go with me. As much as I would like them to serve alongside me, I also want it to be a personal decision and not one forced upon them.

Aaron (16yo) was the first to respond. And then, to my pleasant surprise (since National Service leave is a limited and precious commodity), David (20yo) also asked to come along . Needless to say, I was very thankful to have them as a part of TEAM ARCHIPPUS.

Whilst Aaron assumed the role of team photographer, David’s role was not as clear. Very quickly, the Lord settled that for the young man.

At the first session of the seminar, I noticed that the worship team only comprised a keyboardist and a bassist. I asked Ptr Joel if David could help out on the drums. At the next session, and for the rest of the seminar, David was a part of the music team! It turned out that the musicians had earlier asked Ptr Joel if anyone from the Singapore team could play with them.

For the altar call, David requested not to pray for people but to support the ministry time through music. As TEAM ARCHIPPUS ministered through prayer, David ministered through music – playing the keyboards and singing over the people.

For the Saturday and Sunday services, David had the opportunity to share his song, “Worth Every Drop“, during Holy Communion. (Kidapawan City AG Church had been using this song for communion since last August.) We were all so blessed as the lyrics pointed us back to the Cross and how we, though unworthy, have all been made worthy by the Lord and His sacrifice.

With one son upfront, the other son worked quietly in the background. As photographer, Aaron moved about the hall unnoticed, capturing the happenings from different angles. If a picture speaks a thousand words, then Aaron declared the most and the loudest through his photos (view Facebook Album).

In between ministry sessions, both David and Aaron connected well with the youths of KCAG. They were readily welcomed and invited to join in the fellowship and games. As the older members of TEAM ARCHIPPUS returned to rest in the hotel, the two boys stayed on for lots more fun and food (balut!) with their new-found Filipino friends.

What are their own takeaways from the ministry trip?

David: “Every time I go to the Philippines and subsequently go home, I find myself wanting to go back, and this time was no different. I went on this trip wondering what I was going there for, and came back having had the most enjoyable weekend of my year so far. I’ve only known these people for three days, but it feels like I’ve known them my whole life. Singapore has so much to learn from the Philippines. And I have so much to learn from them as well.”

Aaron: “Knowing my Dad would be in need of a photographer for this trip to the Philippines, I decided to help out. When I arrived at the Philippines, I already had the assumption that this was going to be like any regular trip. It turns out that I was wrong. Unlike any other trip, I had the opportunity to interact with the Filipino youth in the church, and as we talked and played games, I was really blessed by them. And when I watched the whole church worship, I could see they were doing it with all their heart. I have really been blessed by them and I do not regret coming at all!”

What can I say? I am so proud of my two sons! And I am so thankful for the opportunity to be on kingdom assignment together with them. May the Lord use this experience to guide and direct them into all He has prepared for them.


400,000 Views but still taking it One Day At A Time

Two years ago, I reported a milestone for this blog, One Day At A Time, when it achieved 200,000 views. Today, I am pleased to report that this humble contribution continues to be a voice in cyberspace, crossing the 400,000 mark.

When I started this website in 2007, it was an attempt for me to get more acquainted with the internet. It was a personal experiment to see if a nobody like me can make an impact in the digital space through the sharing of ministry updates, reflections and opinions. (Sounds noble? Not exactly. My first post “I’m Just A Regular Guy” exposes my original intent – I just wanted a space to be able to speak freely and to gripe if I have to – haha!) Needless to say, hitting the 100,000 marker (after six years!) was quite a thrill.

In an environment where blog stats are reported by the millions, I am well aware that 400,000 is only a tiny blip on the radar of digital content, if it is even registered. Even so, I have been greatly encouraged when what is written is read and shared widely.

Some of the more popular articles are:

Unlike others who seem to be able to write so effortlessly and regularly, I only write when prompted (or irked) and feel that something needs to be said about an issue. With the launch of Archippus Awakening, I now maintain two websites, carefully discerning which site each article should be posted on. Needless to say, this poses another time and resource challenge for me. (One Day At A Time carries more personal and general articles whilst the AA blog focuses primarily on helping saints be awakened, aligned and assigned for Jesus and His kingdom. For mothers, you’ve got to check out my wife’s website Building Up Moms for a treasure trove of practical tips.)

All said, this post is to celebrate yet another ministry milestone. Although I am limited by time and space, I am thankful to be able to reach many more through this digital platform. I don’t know who is reading or how these might be impacted. My part is to declare truth and pray that the Holy Spirit will convict hearts for Jesus.

Thanks to one and all for your support, encouragement and feedback. Keep reading and sharing! Let’s keep reminding one another to take it One Day At A Time, because our Lord’s mercies are new every morning and great is His faithfulness!

Awakening Event: Telok Ayer Chinese Methodist Church Family Camp 8-10 June 2017

Sentimentally, TACMC was my very first church. My maternal grandmother was a familiar and active member. My parents were married there. I was infant baptised there. And I still have vivid memories of gathering at my Ah Ma’s place in China Street, piling into the trishaw (fighting not to sit but to squat in front), and making our way to church. That was more than 45 years ago.

Archippus Awakening

When I first read the email in April 2016, I couldn’t believe my eyes: I had been invited to be the Camp Speaker for Telok Ayer Chinese Methodist Church’s (TACMC) Family Camp.

Sentimentally,TACMC was my very first church. My maternal grandmother was a familiar and active member. My parents were married there. I was infant baptised there. And I still have vivid memories of gathering at my Ah Ma’s place in China Street, piling into the trishaw (fighting not to sit but to squat in front), and making our way to church. That was more than 45 years ago.

Ah Ma: Front row, fourth from the left.

Spiritually, TACMC was also the venue of John Sung’s revival meetings back in 1935 where he “conducted a series of evangelistic and revival meetings that was to have a lasting impact not only on the life of the church, but also…

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Archippus Awakening: Partner Me to Reach & Awaken More in the Body of Christ!

LATEST UPDATE: Chinese simultaneous translation provided!

After a season of being invited by churches to share Archippus Awakening, it is our turn to invite the churches to our very own “AWAKENED. ALIGNED. ASSIGNED.” one-day seminar on Saturday, 3 December, at Sengkang Methodist Church. As shared in Rosh Hashanah 5777, Silver Trumpets & Rehoboth, it is time to boldly trumpet this clarion call of awakening towards kingdom assignments to many as possible.

But this task of rallying and gathering is not mine alone.

“But the Spirit of the LORD came upon Gideon; then he blew the trumpet, and the Abiezrites gathered behind him. And he sent messengers throughout all Manasseh, who also gathered behind him. He also sent messengers to Asher, Zebulun, and Naphtali; and they came up to meet them.” Judges 6:34-35

When Gideon blew the trumpet, members of his clan were the first to gather to him. From these, he sent out messengers to gather even more from the other tribes. Similarly, as I have been sounding the alarm, there have been many who have resonated and aligned with the message of Archippus Awakening. These are to be the messengers who will in turn send out invitations to even more churches.

For sure, I cannot reach everyone. But with the help of fellow Archippuses, with your help, we can reach more!

By God’s grace, registration has been encouraging so far, with representations from more than 40 churches! With so many churches in Singapore, even if only one member comes from one church, the hall will be filled to overflowing! More easily said than done, I know, as Singaporeans are busy people, spoilt for choice where Christian meetings and offerings are concerned. What’s more, those who need to be awakened are the toughest to bring to an Awakening Event!

Even so, if the Lord has already declared this to be a season of Rehoboth, of spaciousness and fruitfulness, then I am holding on to His word and faithfulness. I believe that if we do our part, He will more than do His part to fulfil what He has declared!

Latest Update: Chinese simultaneous translation available!

I invite you to join me in this assignment. I have already sounded the trumpet, and will continue to do so. I’m counting on you to be the messenger to relay and rebroadcast this message for a further and wider reach to both English and Chinese congregations! Spread the word. Share on social media platforms. WhatsApp or email your leaders and friends. Write a blog post. Whatever – just get the message out!

Click image and download JPEG flyer to share via WhatsApp or SMS:
Click image and download JPEG flyer to share via WhatsApp or SMS.

Admission is FREE but registration is required as lunch will be catered for all participants. More information, programme highlights and registration link can be found at the event site.

Thank you for your partnership! See you at the seminar!

What Do I Know About Pregnancy & Birth?!

img_5843After a L-O-N-G break, Serene and I accepted the invitation by Wesley Methodist Church to give another pregnancy-birth talk – thanks to dear brother Ng Chai Seng who boldly asked me at the men’s breakfast fellowship in January, “Ay, so when can you and Serene give the pregnancy talk again to our young couples?”

It must have been at least 7 years since the last talk (we took a break after the arrival of our youngest), and we had to hunt for our notes and slides as we reviewed and prepared for the talk on 3 September!


For a Saturday afternoon, the turnout was very encouraging, with many expecting their first baby. The session started with me sharing some theological perspectives about the kingdom of God and how that affects the way one views pregnancy and birth. After that, Serene took over with what I believe many signed up for: the birth stories of our seven children!

As I listened to Serene share these stories again, praise and gratitude filled my heart for the God whom we serve! These are truly testimonies of His grace and faithfulness in our lives and in our family!


After the break, we shared on “The Christian’s Antenatal Response”, giving practical pointers to both the mother, as well as the father. More than just how to breathe and what to pack for the hospital, the emphasis was prayer and a focus on the Lord. Although Serene went through seven births without the use of epidural, experiencing what we would refer to as supernatural childbirths, it is not our practice or intention to impose this on others. Whether one experiences a supernatural childbirth or not, our desire is that each will experience God personally and draw closer to Him in and through the process of pregnancy and birth (yes, fathers and husbands too). Hence, the title of the talk, “Experiencing God through Pregnancy & Birth”.

We are indeed thankful for the opportunity to encourage the young couples and for the positive feedback:

  • “Gives me an idea of what to look forward to and what to expect.”
  • “Very personal and inspiring sharing. Very encouraging.”
  • “Great sharing. Priceless!”
  • “Great seminar!”
  • “Interesting insights.”
  • “Brought to our attention certain things that we have not thought about especially on things we need to pray about.”

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Question To Self: How Badly Do You Want Gold?

The Straits Time, 13 August 2016
The Straits Times, 13 August 2016

By the time I saw the front page of Saturday’s Straits Times, Joseph Schooling had already made history by winning Singapore’s very first Olympic gold medal in the 100m Men’s Butterfly at Rio2016.

Understandably, ‘Joseph Schooling’ is trending across all media platforms. It is also interesting to note how everyone is claiming to have featured in his journey – however small the part may be – all desiring to share in this victory. Well, it’s not everyday a little red dot gets an Olympic Gold. And as a Singaporean (and fellow ACSian), I too am proud to be associated with this awesome feat.

However, it is this headline ‘I WANT GOLD’ that says it all for me, really. It is now a well known fact that there was always an insatiable hunger in Schooling to win. Without this, no amount of funding, encouragement or coaching would have mattered. Every athlete wants gold. The question is, How badly do they want it?

Each time I watch the games, the words of Paul in 1 Cor 9:24 come to mind, “Do you not know that those who run in a race all run, but one receives the prize? Run in such a way that you may obtain it.” (emphasis mine)

I am no athlete but I am a believer of Jesus Christ. And these words were written to Christians. Using the familiar picture of races, Paul is urging believers to “run in such a way” that we may obtain the prize. To be sure, salvation is not the prize, it’s a gift that cannot be earned. We are saved by grace through faith. But, a prize needs to be aimed for, trained for, worked for, fought for. That is why, in the next verses, Paul described his discipline and focus (1 Cor 9:25-27). He didn’t want to be disqualified, to miss out on the prize. As such, The Corinthian Times could have also featured Paul on the front page with the same headline, “I WANT GOLD”.

In my book, SAY TO ARCHIPPUS, I devoted one full chapter, “Running the Race” to explain what the biblical race refers to. Contrary to popular belief, I am personally convicted that “the biblical race refers to our assignment.” Yet sadly, “for many Christians, their race has not even begun.” (SAY TO ARCHIPPUS, p109)  [Read: If You Haven’t Begun Running Your Race, Now’s The Time]

Whilst the spotlight is presently on Joseph Schooling, we can safely presume that every other swimmer that Schooling competed against would have wanted that gold as badly as he did. If they had all clocked 50:39sec, there would have been eight gold medallists, just as there were three silver medallists!

Thankfully, we don’t have to all clock the same timings in our kingdom assignments. The key lies in that phrase – run in such a way that you may obtain it. Yes, we are not all required to finish first, but to do our assignments as if we are all going for the gold. We are to do our best, the very best, in all that the Lord has assigned to us, knowing that there will be a reward, a prize, that awaits us who ‘run in such a way’.

Thanks, Joseph Schooling, for inspiring us all. May you continue to improve and excel in the years to come! I am certain there will be many more golds to add to your collection. Yet, more than these, may you one day “press toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus” (Phil 3:14). As your idol, Michael Phelps, has discovered, his purpose was never found in his medals, but in Jesus Christ.

As for me, watching that 50:39sec record breaking swim has prompted me to examine my own race. It has most certainly stirred up a renewed hunger in my spirit to remain faithful in my kingdom assignments.

Enable me, Lord. Empower me, Holy Spirit. I WANT GOLD.

ACS Boy Publishes Chinese Book? The End Is Nigh!

Note: This post was first shared on the Archippus Awakening website. But since this is such a milestone for me, I thought it’d be good to share it here too. Need all the prayers I can get – hahaha!

I am sure we already know this: God’s timing is perfect and He has a great sense of humour!

The moment I was ready to announce the book commissioning of the Chinese version of SAY TO ARCHIPPUS, this meme made its rounds on social media:


And now, there will be an ACS boy who will be self-publishing a Chinese book! Truly, with God, all things are possible! And yes, the end is indeed nigh.

Those who know me will understand why this is an absolute step of faith. I can’t speak Chinese to save my life, let alone teach and preach this message of Archippus Awakening! However, following the encouraging reception of SAY TO ARCHIPPUS, I received requests to translate it into Mandarin. After prayerful consideration, the Lord connected me with the right people, and the work on 要对亚基布说 began.

STA Chinese Horizontal

On 5 September 2016, 要对亚基布说, the Chinese version of SAY TO ARCHIPPUS, will be commissioned! YOU ARE INVITED to stand with me as we launch this Chinese version that evening 8pm at 15 Playfair Road. FGA@PLAYFAIR, Studio 6 at Level 4. Singapore 367987 (light meal served from 6:45pm). REGISTER HERE so we have a better idea of numbers for planning and catering. Thanks!

To celebrate this milestone of Archippus Awakening, we are offering a Pre-Publication Special of S$10.00 (usual $16) for orders received before 15 August 2016.  Take advantage of this special price before the book goes to print (hint: you won’t get it at this price ever again). Place your orders at, self-collection at the Book Commissioning Event.

[Read SAY TO ARCHIPPUS: Book Reviews]

As you read this, I invite you to partner me in this effort. Although doors have opened for me to speak in more Chinese churches of late, my exposure to Chinese congregations is still very limited. This is where you come in. Share this post with Chinese pastors, leaders or members so that more will be aware of Archippus Awakening, 唤醒亚基布, and what God wants to say to Archippus through the book 要对亚基布说. Direct enquiries to me at Who knows how the Lord will lead for us to work together with these Chinese contacts so that more may be awakened, aligned and assigned for Jesus and His kingdom!

I still can’t believe that this is happening! All I know is that in and through my weakness, God will show forth His might and strength that He will receive all honour and glory. Surely, if God can speak through a donkey, He can awaken Chinese Archippuses through an ACS boy!

Thanks for your partnership and for your prayers (much needed!) – especially for the gift of tongues.