September 2015

It’s September! And if you are reading this newsletter, then one of the following statements is true: “The rapture has not taken place yet.” or “You have been left behind!” Hahahaha! Forgive the odd sense of humour, but given the number of prophetic speculations floating around, I thought some light-heartedness would be helpful.

We have heard so much about blood moons, the shemitah, and how these are signs that something really bad is going to happen. America is bracing herself for judgment as she continues the slide down the slippery slope. The markets suffered a little shock not too long ago and everyone is wondering when the ‘big one’ would be. Many significant events are taking place in the month of September (termed as “convergence”) and 23 & 24 September are supposedly key dates to watch. This is also the season of the Fall Feasts of the Lord – Rosh Hashanah , Yom Kippur and Sukkot. And with major happenings coinciding with these feasts, that is perhaps why there is so much talk about the rapture, the last days, judgment and the coming of the Lord.


I really don’t know how accurate these predictions are. And for the record, although a pre-tribulation rapture sounds really attractive, I am re-reading Scripture to have a better understanding of what is or is not said. Yes, the days are evil and the signs of the times are all around us. Yet, as interesting (and bizarre) as some of these theories are, we must not be distracted from the question of greatest importance: Are we ready?

Many have wondered and asked if they should stock up on canned food, buy or sell their stocks, invest in gold and silver, move out of city life into countryside dwellings, and the list goes on. But is this what Jesus referred to when He asked His disciples to be ready and prepared? Did He really mean for us to get into bomb shelters, stockpiled with instant noodles and laden with gold reserves? Sounds totally responsible and practical, but do we not realise that the focus is still largely on the material and the temporal?

I am sorry to disappoint you but the Bible does not mention these at all. Instead, at the end of Jesus’ discourse and warnings about the end of the age, faithful and unfaithful servants are mentioned. With these as examples, Jesus explained what readiness is and how readiness is determined. Simply, our faithfulness to assigned tasks determines our readiness for the coming of our Lord. This is why I am totally convinced of the message of Archippus Awakening, the awakening of saints that they might know and fulfil their God-given assignments. Are you ready?


Speaking of Archippus Awakening, we give praise and thanks to the Lord for seeing us through our very first year [Archippus Turns One!], which we celebrated very simply at KINGDOM101. We held our very own Awakening Event (AWE2015) over the weekend of 28-30 Aug in Batam and it was a tremendous time where 66 Archippuses came together, representing 32 local churches. The book, SAY TO ARCHIPPUS, is gaining a wider distribution not only in Singapore but also beyond. Read the reviews and to order your copies, email

Coming up on 19 & 20 November, Archippus Awakening is privileged to co-organise “IN THE LAST DAYS: Contending for Our Faith in Perilous Times” with Worldview Partners. This is a worldview conference with Bill Muehlenberg of Culture Watch, Australia as the keynote speaker. Registrations are open now at LIKE and SHARE our Facebook Page. Email me at if you need a media kit to share with your church and friends.

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Family-wise, Serene (BuildingUpMoms) and the children are keeping well. Please uphold Esther (12yo) and Ruth (10yo) in prayer as they take their PSLE and P4 Assessment respectively. The family has been such a great support and encouragement to me as I develop Archippus Awakening. It’s a joy to have David (17yo), Sarah (15yo) and Aaron (13yo) serve alongside me at meetings. And when possible, Serene and the young ones are there too. God has provided for us faithfully and we have not experienced any lack in this new season of living by faith. Our deepest appreciation to all who have sown into our lives and ministry as the Lord has directed you. Thank you for your faith, obedience and generosity.


My eyes and ears will remain sensitive for the rest of September and beyond. My prayer is for you also to have the right focus as you navigate these times. There may be a certain degree of uncertainty and anxiety. However, don’t let these condemn you or cause you undue worry or fear. Instead, allow these to push you even more to Jesus that you may always have a fresh revelation of His love and grace. Out of that, love and serve Him, be faithful in all He has assigned to you. And with that, be ready, looking forward to the Day when we shall meet Him face to face!

In His name and for His glory!