November 2014


“Leave room for Me to move.”

It was about 4am, I was on my knees, and the Lord gently rebuked me with these words. That was about six months ago, and today, I see how He was guiding and redirecting me.

I had made plans and laid down the structure for the new assignment in Archippus Awakening. To me, I was just being diligent and responsible. However, the Lord revealed exactly what was in my heart … fear, impatience and anxiety. And although I was praying to commit these plans to Him, my trust was not in Him but in these plans. All I wanted for God to do was to bless what I had prepared so that I could get a move on. Essentially, they were my plans based on my experience. And through that one line, the Lord thoroughly exposed me.

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That morning in May, I decided to shelf everything, to rest in the Lord and to wait upon Him. Really. Even if it means doing nothing until He said so, that would be fine. In this past year, I have learnt afresh that to rest in Him is really to trust in Him. Sometimes, we justify our busyness as working for God when in all honesty, it’s because we trust our work and ability, and the resulting finances, more than we trust God enough to rest in Him. I am learning this precious lesson over and over again.

Today, I look back and truly, it’s been amazing.

Since then, a group of Archippuses has been gathering faithfully to pray. These believe in the vision of Archippus Awakening and have committed to move this ministry forward through prayer and intercession. As I wrote in The Next Big Step: Prayer, nothing of the kingdom is birthed except through prayer; and prayer will continue to undergird the way forward.


I’ve already shared about the Birth Event of Archippus Awakening (3 Aug) in the last newsletter; but it’s worth mentioning it again. If you have not viewed the video, here’s the link again. One month later, we found ourselves preparing for our very first Awakening Event (AWE), a Special Seminar with Amir Tsarfati: The Beginning of the End. On 1 Oct, the venue was packed and Archippus Awakening was introduced to more than 350 leaders and participants from various local churches.


On 21-27 Oct, the Lord opened the door for Archippus Awakening to be declared in Kidapawan City, Mindanao, Philippines through a Prayer & Leadership Conference organized by Ptr Joel Acaso of Kidapawan City AG Church. Back in Singapore, to date, I’ve shared Archippus Awakening with more than 20 different congregations in various settings, e.g., camps, retreats, church services, cell groups, marketplace fellowships, etc.


And these are just the highlights. Indeed, it is exciting when we allow the Lord to lead us according to His ways and His timings! For sure, there is just too much to share in this simple bi-monthly newsletter. Please stay in touch by following my personal weblog and the Archippus Awakening Website. Don’t forget to LIKE our Facebook Page too. I will do my best to provide updates along the way.

Yet, this does not mean I am worry-free. I must admit that there are still many thoughts in my mind and there are many days I find myself asking, “What next? How now?” In fact, especially in times of physical weariness, the uncertainties and feelings of aloneness can become rather overwhelming, causing me to withdraw. On our recent family break, I experienced this when I found it difficult to be totally there for Serene and the children. Without doubt, starting a new ministry is definitely no walk in the park! Oh, how we need the Lord’s enabling grace each new day.


It’s been a year since the Lord planted the seed of Archippus Awakening into the womb of my spirit on 27 Oct 2013. So much has taken place and yet I know that it is only the beginning. I am very aware that I am in a season of sowing and there is much work to be done. How encouraging to know that “those who sow in tears shall reap in joy.” (Psalm 126:5) To this end, I am boldly requesting for prayers as I undertake the next tasks as impressed upon my heart:

  1. I will be looking for a place of operation for Archippus Awakening so that those awakened can be duly equipped and guided towards their God-given assignments. PRAY for God’s direction and provision for renovation, monthly rental and operational expenses.
  2. A monthly Kingdom Prayer Initiative will be instituted. PRAY for the Lord to rally kingdom intercessors.
  3. For a strong foundation upon the Word, I intend to offer an expository teaching series on the Kingdom of God. PRAY for me as I study and prepare for this.
  4. I also hope to revamp the Archippus Awakening Website for better online presence and interaction. PRAY for me as I consult and work with the designers.

And so, I shall move on these, taking it one day at a time. The reminder is still for me to leave room for the Lord to move, to rest in Him and to trust Him fully to direct my steps. Along the way, it’s wonderful to have the understanding and support of Serene and the children, and that of brothers and sisters who believe in this assignment I have received in the Lord. Thank you, one and all, for standing with me.

In His love and for His glory!


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