November 2009

It is with great excitement that I pen this newsletter update that I may share what is in my heart for this season with you.  The work of the ministry continues to be fulfilling, but it is the prophetic significance of the unfolding of the events that affirms the activities and provides new meaning and purpose for what lies ahead.  My prayer, as it has always been, is that this simple update will bless and encourage you; better yet, provoke and position you for God’s next move in these final days.

Firstly, ministry update: In September, I accompanied the CVSOM Certificate Students to Batam where they were released to teach, to preach and to minister in the local churches and communities.  My daughter, Sarah, tagged along for ministry exposure as she observed the students in action.  It was really wonderful to see the students fired up for God, each experiencing His leading and returning with a story to share.  Later that month, I had the privilege to speak at the final chapel session of Tung Ling Bible College, addressing the students just before their graduation ceremony that night.  October was a packed month and I was extremely stretched across the various engagements, teaching and speaking at Ang Mo Kio Methodist Church’s Mid-Week Bible Study (“Higher Ways” Series), Faith Methodist Church’s Healing Service, Wesley Methodist Church (Building a Household of Faith), Singapore Christian Canaan Church, and of course, our very own Covenant Vision Centre and Covenant Vision Christian Church.  What thrills me most are the testimonies of lives touched and hearts stirred to live for Jesus.

In between, there is still the running of Covenant Vision School of Ministry and my involvement with the Certificate and Diploma Students.  Term 2 is drawing to a close and we will have 30 Certificate students and 15 Diploma students graduating soon.  Preparations for January 2010 Intake are underway and applications are streaming in.  Note: If you are still considering being equipped for ministry, wait no more!  Now’s the time to sign up.  Download the application form from and apply today!

Perhaps, of greatest significance was what took place on Sunday, 1 Nov 2009 – the 1st Anniversary of Covenant Vision Christian Church.  It was time of celebration as we gave thanks to God for taking us through this first year as a church.  At the same time, I experienced the warmth, love and support of many as I was ordained as Reverend and appointed as Deputy Senior Pastor, to the glory of God.  Never would I have imagined that I would one day assume the title of The Reverend Henson Lim.  As you will read from reflections, A New Milestone in Ministry, this is not to be received or taken lightly.  When Dr Bruce Allen prayed over me at “The Promise of the 7th Day” Seminar on 31 Oct, he declared, “This day, a shift has taken place …”  Indeed, this is a new season for me, one that cannot be accomplished by my own strength but only in Christ alone.  The Lord has been reminding me of John 15:5, “I am the Vine … without Me, you can do nothing.”  How true!  May I never forget this even as it remains ever so tempting to run ahead of God, to get busy in ministry and activity, to do the next thing!

As a family, we praise God for the vacation He provided for us from 2 – 7 Nov (hence the slight delay in getting this newsletter out).  Our tribe headed off to Bintan Lagoon Resort where we had family fun in the sun.  The children enjoyed the pool, the beach, the food and the leisure activities.  Serene and I still had to look after all of them, but at least we had a break from the cooking, the cleaning and the laundry!  Although tiring physically, I appreciated the little break where I didn’t have to think about ministry matters.  It was nice to just take in the beauty of God’s creation in the sun, the skies, and the majestic waves of the seas as they broke along the shores of the sandy beach.  Truly, all creation declare and sing the praises of our mighty God!

I returned to a fresh revelation and understanding of the significance of the Hebrew Year 5770 (AD2010) through an email someone sent me.  As this year draws to a close, and the world looks with anticipation and optimism as it slowly pulls out of recession, 2010 will be a pivotal year.  The Lord reminded me of the message “Building. Shaking. Filling.” which He led me to preach since Nov 2007 (I’ve also made mention of this in Newsletters Feb 2007 & Nov 2008).  I sense that major events will occur in 2010 that will lead to the release of His glory that will fill the latter temple – that’s us!  Exciting as this may sound, it calls for a response from each of us, personally.  For, not everyone will experience this, but only those who are prepared to walk as the Lord has directed him or her to walk.

Sadly, we are living in a time of commercial Christianity, where the spirit of consumerism prevails in the heart of God’s people, more than His Holy Spirit, who incidentally is also the Spirit of the Fear of the Lord (Isaiah 11:2).  Yet, this is not surprising at all as the Apostle Paul had already addressed this in 2 Tim 3:1-7; that in the last days, people will be “lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God”.  Before you run to defend yourself as one who loves God, pause for a moment and ask honestly … What does it really mean to love God, to know God and to serve Him?  For a message that will surely cause some deep thinking and contemplation, I strongly recommend Dr Bruce Allen’s “Will the Real Bride Please Stand Up?” which you can hear on Covenant Vision Media Centre.  Dr Allen shared a little on this topic on his last visit and that prompted me to write the blog post The Bride of Christ.  If this does not challenge you, I don’t know what will.

Regardless our alignment, or misalignment, God is moving ahead and His plans are unfolding whether we are aware of it or not.  He is right on time and world plans and events are all taking place as part of the prophetic puzzle that is being put together for this final season.  As I reflected on the significance of 2010, I heard the words, “Gird up your loins!”  I invite you to read my reflections and thoughts in the blog post Hebrew Year 5770: AD2010 and allow the Holy Spirit to lead you in the way you are to respond. 

My dear friends, brothers and sisters in Christ, I want to encourage you that God’s plan for you is good, with a future and a hope (Jer 29:11).  Amidst the uncertainty in the world, you can stand secure on His promises and faithfulness.  Do not allow yourself to be enticed by the trappings of the world for these are passing and will surely fade away.  I am so excited to be counted amongst this generation that will see the glory and power of God like never before.  We have been chosen for a time such as this!  This election by His grace is an awesome privilege, one not to be missed.  The prophets, disciples and fathers of old all longed for this but could only mention it in hope and anticipation.  We, however, are stepping into a season where we will walk in the fulfillment of this Promise!  Pray for me, my friends, for I won’t want to miss this for the world!  I’ll pray for you too.  May we exhort and encourage one another even as we see the Day approaching (Heb 10:25)!  Come, Lord Jesus!


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