Keeping Eyes On Jesus

Over the past month, I was suddenly overwhelmed with about 7 cases going for trial at the same time. This has never happened to me since I started my law firm 13 years ago. One case was fixed for assessment hearing on 13th April, and another big case fixed for hearing on 16th and 17th April 20112. Both cases could not be settled and that meant I had to take time off last minute to prepare the cases before the hearing. I could not attend to my other court files. I had to postpone many cases due to the trial and the coming Israel trip. Many clients complained that they could not talk to me as I was either engaged in court or attending to witnesses because of the trial.

Coupled with this sudden increase in work load, I had to think about how to provide a sum of money for my husband’s next food outlet. As these pressures mounted, I was at a loss how to juggle my time and still think of my husband’s request. I really did not know what to do.

All this while, I have been listening Rev Henson’s teaching on the book of Philippians “It’s All About Jesus” since last month when I drive the car. I have been listening to week two teaching about how Paul’s reaction when he faced external pressures. He remained steadfast and to keep focused on Jesus. Rev Henson asked this question how would you react if you are faced with external circumstances. Suddenly it dawned on me, this is the answer that I needed. I kept whispering to myself that I must remain steadfast and keep my eyes on Jesus and not be distracted by the pressures and stress. That very night, I gave thanks to the Lord for this timely word and teaching by Rev Henson. Truly, God is good. God gave me strength to face the pressures without flinching.

I also want to mention week five teaching on the keys to promotion. One of which is humility and obedience. Rev Henson taught about letting go of our dreams, plans and agendas. I struggled with my husband’s request as it is not a small amount. I did seek the Lord regarding this request and my fears. What shall I do? The answer came in week five teaching on humility. I said to the Lord I would let go. When I said that to the Lord, I experienced such freedom which I cannot describe. I also had to learn to let go of expectations regarding the big trial, and truly depending on God on how I should prepare for the big case on 16th and 17th April 2012

Praise God, I managed to resolve my husband’s request and prepare a 200 page bundle of authorities without much difficulty and able to interview the witnesses and peruse three bundles within one day and be ready for trial on 16th April 2012. Despite my preparation, I did not have to rely much on my prepared questions because when I was on my feet, the questions kept coming into my mind and I was able to spot points on what to ask when I never saw that in my earlier preparation. I have never experienced such favour and wisdom from God in a big trial. Truly, truly, when I let of go of my own natural talents and learn to submit to God on this, God just took over.

Catherine Lim
Covenant Vision Christian Church


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