What has Valentine’s Day got to do with John 3:16?

Can we, should we, equate God's love with Valentine's Day?
Can we, should we, equate God’s love with Valentine’s Day?

You may have received this on your mobile phone or seen it on Facebook. All I can say is that it’s cute and creative – nothing more. Not that I do not believe in John 3:16, or the promise it contains. I just don’t feel right about linking it with Valentine’s, that’s all.

Before anyone rushes to defend anything, let me say that I am all for being relevant and creative [hey, I was from the advertising industry!]. However, that does not mean that I need to try too hard in my bid to speak the culture’s language. And in today’s society where love is totally misunderstood and defined in our own terms and fancies, the last thing we should do is equate God’s love with that of Valentine’s in its present commercial romanticised context. Nor should we even begin to suggest that John 3:16 encapsulates what Valentine’s is all about! I shudder to imagine the day when we have cuddly Jesus-on-the-Cross soft toys, when pressed, a recorded message plays, “Will you be my Valentine?”

Anyway, these are just my personal ramblings. I do not mean to offend anyone, least of all those who sent this image to me. I know you meant well and I thank you for including me in your Valentine’s mailing and WhatsApp list.

For a better understanding of the origins of Valentine’s Day, read Pastor Mark Driscoll’s post.


2 thoughts on “What has Valentine’s Day got to do with John 3:16?

  1. Valentine naturally leads to the discussion of love. All kinds and types of love. Of course, the greatest love was John 3:16. God loved the world that he…

  2. Gods love is an everlasting love . No one and nothing can love more than God. He has an everlasting love . He sent his son to die for us . He is the prince of peace and the cross is love . Valentine’s Day is supposed to be about “love” right ? This is simply a valentine from Jesus. You can reject his love and he will still love you ! He’s our daddy and it doesn’t matter what we do his heart burns for us ! So saying this doesn’t make sense , just simply does not make sense . This sounds more of a personal issue of rejecting God . Valentine’s Day is a holiday of a saint soooo 🤷🏼‍♀️. That still makes it Gods . Actually everything belongs to God he’s our creator . He loves you so much and can’t wait to get to know you 😉

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