God Heals Woman’s Eye

It had been a very long and tiring day.  Arriving at CVC for the Touch Jesus He Heals! Healing Service after sitting through a 2-hr graduation service, I was definitely in no frame of mind to be praying for anyone during ministry time after Rev Francis’ message.

When the time came for altar call, I found myself walking forward to take my position as Rev Francis announced that the pastors would be present to anoint and pray for those in need.  I sure didn’t sense any anointing upon me 🙂  Yet, in obedience and by faith, I proceed to lay hands and to pray.

Then two women stepped up to the healing line.  The older woman couldn’t speak English so the younger woman, presumably her daughter, told me that her mother had problems with both eyes.  The left eye had no vision at all whilst the right eye had only blurred images.  I laid hands on both her eyes and prayed for God to heal and open both eyes in the name of Jesus.  It was simple prayer, nothing fanciful, and I moved on to pray for others.

A short while after, the emcee announced that someone had a testimony to share.  I turned to look and it was the older woman!  Speaking in Teochew, she declared that she was now able to see clearly, that everyone appeared very bright to her!  Praise the Lord!!!

How wonderful to share in the joy with one who has been healed by Jesus!

I was so very excited and totally thrilled!  In the first place, I didn’t want to be praying for anyone.  Next, I realised it wasn’t about how I felt or if I sensed anything!  Truly, it is not about me at all!  Healing is of the Lord, and this testimony is given to His glory!  I am just so awed that the Lord graced me with the wonderful privilege to pray for this sister, allowing me to partner Him in this miracle 🙂

I went to her and ask if she could see with both eyes.  Her daughter told me that the right eye now had clear vision and the left eye was able to see, but blurred.  By faith, I prayed for her once more.  There was no instant healing.  But I am believing for complete healing that God will restore perfect sight to this eye too.  All glory to the Lord!!!

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