Club Med Bintan Hat Trick: 20th Anniversary Getaway 3-6 Mar 2015


How do you have a 20th wedding anniversary getaway with seven children in tow?

I know many couples would readily leave their children at home or deposit them with parents or in-laws while they head off to some romantic escapade alone. Well, Serene and I don’t think we are ready to do just that so we had to take the entire tribe into consideration.

From past experience, Club Med seemed like a good plan – one price with everything (almost) thrown in. Having been to Club Med Bintan twice, we considered Club Med Cherating (Malaysia) and Phuket (Thailand). And since we didn’t want to spend too much time travelling, we finally opted for safe and familiar Club Med Bintan again (we are not very adventurous – haha!).

This time, we got up early to catch the 9:10am ferry from Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal, reaching Bintan 55mins later, at 9:05am (local time). By 10am+, we were checked into our four rooms! How’s that for efficiency?

The next three days plus, we took our time and enjoyed the facilities. To our surprise, the club was fairly empty. There were no crowds to jostle with at all. That was a real bonus for us at the flying trapeze. We were the only ones there and that enabled us multiple practice swings. My personal achievement was doing the knee-hang catch!

Serene and I had our moments together, enjoying each other’s company amidst spending time with our children. Although it was to be a wedding anniversary getaway, there was no fanfare to mark it. All we had was a simple cake, compliments of Club Med, and some beautiful pictures to remember the occasion by.

It was a short vacation, quite unexpected, actually. But all in, everyone had a good time, great fun and lots of sun. After three visits to Club Med Bintan, the younger ones are still eager to go back again; not too sure about the older children though. Perhaps, if we have another opportunity in the future, we will be more adventurous and visit another Club Med village … Club Med Mauritius, perhaps?

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