A Different Pace

It’s 5:28am and I just finished praying.

When I prayed for my family, I sensed the Lord telling and reminding me that we run at a different pace and we are not to be distracted by that of the world.  The pressures and stresses are great and will only get greater.  The world is running at breakneck speed; but like a dog chasing its own tail, it is going nowhere but in circles.

Compared to everyone else, we may appear slow, but that’s ok.  We are not slow, just running at a different pace.  Things may appear to pass us by, but that’s ok.  It’s not a sprint.  Take time to smell the roses and to enjoy each moment we are blessed with.  The world looks for shortcuts to get to the top, to do more and and to earn more.  But we are to take each day as it comes, trusting in His provision and plans for us.

This won’t be easy because the temptation is always there to pick up the pace, to run with the rest, to keep up with the Tan’s and the Lee’s.  This temptation is enticed by greed and covetousness to be and to have what everyone strives to be and to have.  But mostly, this temptation is motivated by fear … of losing out, of messing up the children’s future, of shortchanging them.

A different pace does not mean laziness, slothfulness, presumptuousness or complacency.  It simply means keeping in step with God and His purposes.  There may be a quickening in the seasons in the spiritual realm, but God is in absolutely no rush at all.  Everything is going according to His plan in His perfect timing.  We need to always remember that and to make it a point to teach our children the same.  There is work to be done, but it’s Kingdom work and it has to be done in Kingdom way.  These run counter to the ways of the world and there will be many well-meaning people (Christians included) who will try to convince us to run with them.

When the Lord called me, He called the family too.  Back then, it was me, Serene and our two little ones.  Today, it is all 9 of us.  As I prayed, I saw our family in ministry, together, as one unit.  How is this possible or when will it happen? I have no idea.  For sure, God is at work in each of our lives and if He has shown me as such, then it shall be as such.  My part, together with Serene, is to be diligent in all He has called us to – and that includes sowing into the lives of our children, however tough or challenging the task may be.

The road we have chosen is indeed the path less travelled.  All that keeps us going is the knowledge and conviction that we are only living in obedience to the Lord’s instruction and bidding.  We march to a different beat.  We run at a different pace.

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