A New Year. A New Season. Stepping Down As Pastor.

Stepping Out Prayer

When Senior Pastor announced my decision to step down as a pastor of CVCC this morning at the very first service of 2014, it probably came as a surprise or shock to many. Understandably, it is no small thing for a pastor to relinquish his position, let alone one who holds the position of Deputy Senior Pastor. I can only imagine the many questions and/or speculations in the minds of people as they process this development.

After the service, quite a few came to shake my hand, expressing their surprise and sentiments. I am thankful for these who cared enough to approach me and to clarify what stepping down as a pastor meant. I am glad I had the opportunity to share with them so that there would be as little of a chance of any misunderstanding. Even so, I am well aware that word will get round rather quickly and conjectures will also abound. By this evening, a sister-in-Christ from another church had already heard about it. And the standard reaction, as expected, was, “Why? Were there problems? Are you leaving the church? What are you going to do?”

I’d like to address these FAQs in this post 🙂

This decision is not my own. It is a step of faith in obedience to how the Lord has directed me; and not just myself but also Serene. This is not a small decision and I am so thankful that Serene and I are in unity and in agreement, the Lord having spoken to the both of us. What seemed like a sudden announcement is really a culmination of two years’ of seeking, intensified in the last six months. Finally, sometime end-Sept-early-Oct, the Lord’s directive came so clearly.

Immediately, I shared with my Senior Pastor so that we could process this together. And that’s what we did over the past three months. In December, this was shared with the pastoral team, followed by ministry and discipleship group leaders, before today’s announcement to the congregation.

Officially, as of 1 Jan 2014, I am no longer a pastor of Covenant Vision Christian Church; no longer on staff. I am, however, still the Dean of Covenant Vision School of Ministry (under Covenant Vision Centre), for which I receive some financial support from CVCC. Serene and I remain members of the church and we continue to worship and serve there as a family.

We believe that the Lord has asked me to step down so that I can step out to step into a ministry He has prepared for me, to minister on a broader front across churches and organisations. What this ministry is and what it will look like, I only have a vague idea at the moment. As such, being released from my pastoral role and duties, I now have time to seek the Lord more intently for the next steps, and then to develop this ministry as He leads. Along the way, I will teach and preach as and when I am given the opportunity and privilege to do so.

And in case anyone is wondering … no, I am not starting another church 🙂

That’s pretty much what I am able to share at this point … until the Lord reveals the next steps. Please help us share this with others so that there will be as little speculation and negative talk as possible. Pray for us too. The way ahead is very exciting but it is also very scary, not really knowing what is around the bend, with seven children in tow … talk about leaving a comfort zone! That said, Serene and I are just so awed by the Lord’s love and grace, affirming and assuring us of His presence and faithfulness. In that and in Him, we rest.

To all at CVCC, thank you for giving me the opportunity to serve you as your pastor these past five years. I have learnt a lot and this experience will be put to good use to bless even more. We look forward to your continued support as we enter a new season of ministry that the Lord has prepared for us. To God be all glory!

30 thoughts on “A New Year. A New Season. Stepping Down As Pastor.

  1. Bro Henson,

    I am, like many others are shocked and surprised at the news.

    You do not know me personally as I am from another church. Many of your sermons ministered to me when I was at a low point in my life. I believe it was all divinely arranged and The Lord was speaking to me through you.

    Take care and God Bless You !

    1. Dear David
      Which church are you from? Glad to have been with service to you. Thanks for your words of encouragement and your prayers. Subscribe to my newsletters to stay updated along the way. Once I am clearer of my ministry, I will inform all accordingly. Blessings!

  2. Do not worry or fear. Just follow the Lord and let HIm lead. He will provide for your family. Blessings and favours to you and family

  3. When God wants to drill a man
       And thrill a man   
    And skill a man,
    When God wants to mold a man
       To play the noblest part;
    When He yearns with all His heart   
    To create so great and bold a manman
    That all the world shall be amazed,   
    Watch His methods, watch His ways!
    How He ruthlessly perfects   
    Whom He royally elects!

    How He hammers him and hurts him,   
    And with mighty blows converts him
    Into trial shapes of clay which   
    Only God understands;
    While his tortured heart is crying   
    And he lifts beseeching hands!
    How He bends but never breaks   
    When his good He undertakes;
    How He uses whom He chooses   
    And with every purpose fuses him;   
    By every act induces him
    To try His splendor out—   God knows what He’s about!

  4. Ptr Lim,

    As what I believed in my heart and i would to share with you also…that God does not and never celebrate a feast on our past, for He promised that the best thing is yet to come, there is more that God has in stored for you and your family as well. Like many others all we need to do it ” Trust and Obey….

    God bless you Ptr Lim…

  5. Hi Bro Henson, I am from Ang Mo Kio Methodist Church. I visit CVC on occasions.

    Already on your mailing list 🙂

  6. Henson, i love to stay and grow roots because it gives me a sense of safety i never really felt growing up. But GOD has over the years refused to trade His place in my life as the source of safety with anyone or anything. One way he does this is to keep me on the move as it were!! i’m sure your story is different; but still, as one who knows about moving, letting go, stepping out – we feel you, and we are with you. should have some fellowship soon!

  7. One step at a time, we never know what is in store for us tomorrow, but we only know He holds tomorrow and our hands. Thank you for sharing with us your step of faith in stepping in, stepping up and yet stepping out again….will be cheering you and family on at the sides and praying too. God bless

  8. Reblogged this on Archippus Awakening and commented:

    When the Lord told me to give up my pastoral portfolio in a local church, I had no idea what He had in mind. That began my time of seeking Him for the next steps and my next assignment, resulting in Archippus Awakening mandate.

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